Temminck's Stint, Apr 28th 2017 (Dave Harris)

juvenile Glaucous Gull, Walton Res, Mar 19th 2017 (Dave Harris)

Black-necked Grebes, Island Barn Res, Mar 17th 2017 (Dave Harris)

Black-winged Stilts, Island Barn Res, May 4th 2016 (Dave Harris)

Little Bunting, Pyrford, Mar 23rd 2016 (Mark Leitch). The last County record was in 1995.

Red-breasted Merganser, Pennymead Lake, East Horsley, Jan 31st 2016 (Kirk Macey)

Barnacle Geese, Walton Res, Jan 14th 2016 (Dave Harris).
This flock of Cat C birds have returned to this area for 5 years now.

Black Redstart, QE2 Res, Nov 2nd 2015 (Dave Harris).

Jack Snipe, Walton, October 24th 2015 (Dave Harris).

Barred Warbler, Staines Moor (Middx), September 17th 2015 (Andrew Moon)..

Spotted Redshank, Island Barn Res, September 17th 2015 (Dave Harris).

Black-winged Stilt (juvenile), Aug 23rd 2015 (Dave Harris). This bird sadly chose a sensitive site for it's brief visit.

Wood Sandpiper, Walton Res, August 2015 (Dave Harris).

Caspian Gull, Walton Res, Jun 22nd 2015 (Dave Harris).

Black-necked Grebe, Beddington SF, May 31st 2015 (Roger Browne).

Sanderling, QE2 Res, May 28th 2015 (Dave Harris).

Whimbrel, QE2 Res, May 3rd 2015 (Dave Harris).

Great Northern Diver, KGVI Res, Apr 27th 2015 (Andrew Moon).

Little Terns, Walton Res, Apr 16th 2015 (Dave Harris).

Stone Curlew, Newchapel, Apr 4th 2015 (Samuel Thomas).

First-winter Caspian Gull, Island Barn Res, Mar 22nd 2015 (Dave Harris).

Red-breasted Merganser, QE2 Res, Mar 19th 2015 (Dave Harris).
This bird has been returning each winter for several years now, and is the same as seen at Pennymead Lake.

Black Redstart, Cranleigh, Mar 12th 2015 (Kirk Macey).

Red-necked Grebe, QE2 Res, Feb 1st 2015 (Dave Harris).

Brambling, Leith Hill, Jan 16th 2015 (David Campbell).

Great Northern Diver, Staines Res, Jan 13th 2015 (Andrew Moon).

Bittern, London Wetland Centre, Dec 14th 2014 (Dave Carlsson).

Grey Phalarope, Beddington SF, Nov 11th 2014 (Roger Browne).

Grey Phalarope, Beddington SF, Nov 11th 2014 (Roger Browne).

Med Gull, Earlswood Lake, Nov 11th 2014 (Trevor Walker). A very advanced bird for November.

Bearded Tit, Beddington SF, Oct 19th 2014 (Roger Browne).

Hen Harrier, Walton Res, Oct 16th 2014 (Dave Harris).

Great Skuas, QE2 Res Oct 14th 2014 (Dave Harris).

Arctic Skua, QE2 Res, August 25th 2014 (Dave Harris).

Knot, QE2 Res, August 15th 2014 (Dave Harris).

Short-toed Eagle, Thursley Common, July 12th 2014 (Mike Taylor).

Black-tailed Godwits, Walton Res, Jun 30th 2014. Part of a flock of 22 which flew south (Dave Harris).

White-winged Black Tern, private site, Jun 20th 2014 (Dave Harris)
This stunning bird represented the 5th County record, but the first spring adult .

White-winged Black Tern, private site, Jun 19th 2014 (Dave Harris).

Red-necked Phalarope (male), QE2 Res, Jun 12th 2014 (Dave Harris).
The 4th County record.

Dunlin, QE2 Res, May 12th 2014 (Dave Harris).

Avocet, Walton Res, May 5th 2014 (Dave Harris).

Bar-tailed Godwit, Walton Res, Apr 26th 2014 (Dave Harris).

Red-throated Diver, Island Barn Res, Apr 9th 2014 (Dave Harris).

Two-barred Crossbill, Farnham Heath RSPB, Mar 17th 2014 (Robin Stride)

Two-barred Crossbill, Farnham Heath RSPB, Mar 17th 2014 (Robin Stride)

Slavonian Grebe, Enton Lakes, Jan 31st 2014 (Eric Soden).

Glossy Ibis, Frensham, Jan 9th 2014 (Dave Harris).

Great Northern Diver, Walton Res, Jan 2nd 2014 (Dave Harris).

Great Northern Diver, Papercourt GPs, Nov 2013 (Gary Loader).

Great Grey Shrike, Thursley Common, Nov 3rd 2013 (Gary Loader).

Red-necked Grebe, Richmond Park, Oct 15th 2013 (Andrew Moon).

Female Two-barred Crossbill, Leith Hill, Oct 10th 2013 (Dave Harris).

And off she goes, Leith Hill, Oct 10th 2013 (Dave Harris).

Yellow-browed Warbler, Worplesdon, Oct 7th 2013 (Jeremy Gates).

Juvenile Arctic Skua, private site, West Surrey, Sep 30th 2013 (Dave Harris).

Juvenile Caspian Gull (with Polish ring), Island Barn Res, Sep 28th 2013 (Dave Harris).
This bird was also seen at Beddington SF on Sep 23rd.

Black-necked Grebe, Walton Res, Sep 22nd 2013 (Dave Harris)

Common Cranes, Beddington SF, Sep 19th 2013 (Roger Browne)

Whinchat, QE2 Res, Sep 7th 2013 (Dave Harris)

Juvenile Honey Buzzard, Canons Farm/Banstead Woods, Sep 2nd 2013 (David Campbell).

Gannet, Wraysbury Res, July 28th 2013 (Andrew Moon).

Lesser Black-backed Gull chicks, Surrey, Jul 16th 2013 (Dave Harris). The first successful breeding in the County.

Roseate Tern, QE2 Res, Jul 2nd 2013 (Dave Harris). Sadly not as obliging as last years bird.

Female Long-tailed Duck, Peckham Rye Park, Jun 3rd 2013 (Nigel Jackman). Rather approachable...

female Red-backed Shrike, Pewley Down, Guildford, May 26th 2013 (Nigel Jackman)

Sanderling, QE2 Res, May 20th 2013 (Dave Harris)

Osprey, Thursley Common, Apr 27th 2013 (Graham Carey).

Whimbrel, QE2 Res, Apr 20th 2013 (Dave Harris).

Arctic Tern, Walton Res, Apr 12th 2013 (Dave Harris).

Great Grey Shrike, Leith Hill, Apr 8th 2013 (Sam Bayley). It had just killed a Robin, hence the blood.

Black Redstart, Enton Ponds, Apr 6th 2013 (Eric Soden).

male Pallid Harrier, Papercourt Water Meadows, Mar 31st 2013 (Mark Hill)

Raven (& ex-fox), Woldingham, Mar 28th 2013 (Brian Thomas)

adult Little Gull, Island Barn Res, Mar 28th 2013 (Dave Harris).

1st/w Little Gull, Island Barn Res, Mar 25th 2013 (Dave Harris).

Long-eared Owl, Chelsham, Feb 20th 2013 (Brian Thomas).

Waxwing, Onslow Village, Feb 8th 2013 (Dave Harris). Too close at times.

Sanderling, QE2 Res, Jan 21st 2013 (Dave Harris). Rare in winter.