Recent Sightings

Date Bird Qty Location Notes
02 Jan Magpie 26 St John’s, Basingstoke Canal


30 Apr Juvenile great grey shrike 1 Whitmore common SU984534
02 May test species

test only

02 May WOODLARK 2 adults/parents foraging and feeding their 3 young Brook/Sandhills, Surrey area. see comments

Sirs having been asked if I would be interested in visiting this small Estate, without asking the owners permission to do so I would prefer not to give its exact location. Photos/Images taken*, unfortunately the video clips, I find have got deleted.
I am not sure if this is of any interest to you or for it to be recorded.
Paul Renmant, The White House, The Common, Dunsfold, Surrey. GU8 4LA.

*can forwarded some if needed.

03 May Whinchat 1 Tices meadow

This is my mobile email address Penny

05 May Garden Warbler 1 Burpham

Heard singing from house at 08.15hrs but not seen due foliage. Sort of new “home” tick for me being heard only and probably in neighbours garden.

06 May Cuckoo 1 TQ0356649754

Male Cuckoo heard & seen. Been in this area for at least a week.

07 May Whinchat 2 Thursley Common SU912420

Two birds together on the patch of common nearest Red House Farm. Lest anyone think I may be confusing with Stonechat I can submit a photo albeit a not very good one!

08 May Black Tern 8 Frensham Great Pond (SU845402)

present early evening

08 May Black Tern 2 Staines Resevoir

22 had been seen at about 14.00hrs just before I arrived.

08 May Common Sandpiper 1 Staines Resevoir

at 15.30hrs. west end of south basin near pipes on bank near tower.

08 May Dunlin 9 Staines Resevoir

A group of 8 on north shore of south basin and a lone bird on east shore of north basin. 14.30 to 15.30hrs.

09 May Tree Pipit 1 Thursley Common
09 May Redstart 1 Thursley Common

other members of the RSPB Guildford group saw more.

09 May Woodlark 3 Thursley common
09 May Curlew 1 Thursley Common
09 May Dartford Warbler 6 Thursley Common

Probably many more. they seemed to be everywhere.

09 May Willow Warbler 2 Thursley Common

Heard only

09 May Nightingale 1 Thursley Common

Heard only. North of Shrike Hill from shrubs at edge of pine copse. First I have heard on Thursley Common.

09 May Garden Warbler 1 Thursley Common

Heard only. East of Shrike Hill.

09 May blue tit 2 my garden!

test sent at 16:09

09 May Swift (Apus apus) 2 over Eden Grove Road, Byfleet. OS ref.: TQ 0660

Swifts arriving at established breeding site, here since 2015 at least.

10 May Swift (Apus apus) about 10 birds Above (very high) Eden Grove Road, Byfleet; TQ 0660

12 noon, probably many more, just visible and identifiable, no binoculars. Established colony, since 2015 at least.
More boxes going up this week, hopefully not too late!?

11 May Nightingale 1 Behind The Greenings, Deanoak Lane, Leigh (TQ239453)

Male in full song at 11.00 am in bushes by bridge on footpath behind ‘The Greenings’.

13 May Spotted Flycatcher 2 Rspb Farnham heath

In car park on sunny side of trees at 17.45hrs

13 May Whooper Swan 2 Sutton Place on the Wey Nav TQ020557

We took photos as proof.

13 May Firecrest 1 Holmwood Common TQ1817546056

Singing male

15 May Woodcock 1 Winterfold Heath

Also heard Cuckoo, Nightjar and Tawny Owl. thanks Robin for directions to Reynards Hill car park on the heath.

17 May Common Sandpiper 2 Broadwater Lake SU983452
18 May Reed warbler 2 Tices Meadow
18 May Common Cuckoo 1 SU982589: Goldsworth Park, North Meadow Habitat

In oak tree, not seen, but heard making calls approx. 9.30am

19 May Nightingale 1 Redhill Common TQ272497

One bird singing from thick bramble, gorse & broom scrub just south of the view point at 14.50hrs.

23 May Firecrest 1 Holmwood Common TQ1817546056

Seen bathing in a pond (TQ1817546056) and then preening in nearby holly. Singing male recorded from same location on 13th May.

06 Jun Mediterranean Gull 2 Redhill Common TQ272 497

Two calling adults drifted high to the SE.

08 Jun Sand Martin 20-30 Buckland SP, TQ225505

Several pairs were certainly breeding in one bank near the small swimming area of the main lake. Hard to tell exactly how many nests were occupied but probably at least 10.

18 Jun Nightjar Up to 5 heard, at least 3 seen. Having only covered a small sector from 1930 -2200 hrs, I felt the site probably holds more. Ockham Common (south west sector TQ 085585 – TQ 086586)

This was my first visit here, and I was pleasantly surprised by the density of the birds in just one sector of the site. Conditions were heavily overcast, cool, still with lots of bug activity.

29 Jun Mediterranean Gull 10 Frensham Common (SU853409)

10 adults flew east at 06:40 hrs

29 Jun Kestrel 5 SU951483

Breeding pair of kestrels raised three chicks on the wall of our chalk quarry. All three fledged on 29 June. Two could fly straight from the nest but the third needed a little help in taking off – eventually they all flew off with their parents.

01 Jul Hobby 1 TQ16465

Hobby circling and following 4 swifts drifting east 9.15 am

01 Jul Red Crested Pochard 4 Richmond Park, Upper Pen Pond TQ200730

One drake seemed to be in eclipse already.

08 Jul Little owl 2 Morden park

Active and vocal. Photographed in tree perched. Young owl also present

11 Jul Purple Emporer 1 Broadwater Lake SU983452


26 Jul Whinchat 1 juvenile Water Colurs Mound, Holmethorpe SP. TQ292515

I briefly on top of The Mound behind Water Colour 1 Lagoon. Also a Hobby hawking.

31 Jul Green sandpiper 2 Holmethorpe SP TQ292515

2 present at Spyne’s Mere this afternoon

01 Aug Redshank 1 Spyne’s Mere, Holmethorpe SP, TQ306523

A single adult bird on the sand bar.

02 Aug Peregrine Falcon 1 Woking town centre

One seen from multi-storey car park circling and landing on office block at approx. 11.55 am

02 Aug Hobby 2 Ottershaw

Two seen flying over Murray Road towards St. Peter’s Way.

07 Aug Green Sandpiper 6 Spyne’s Mere, Holmethorpe S.P.TQ306523

There were 4 Green Sandpiper at Spyne’s Mere and 2 at the Railway Pools. 1 Common Sandpiper at Spyne’s Mere and a flock of 30 Greenfinch on Mercer’s Farm.

13 Aug Turnstone 1 Staines Reservoir

Also common terns still feeding at least one young, ten plus swifts passing through with a single sand martin, one or two common sandpipers and two little grebes. Single hobby over.

14 Aug White Stork
14 Aug White Stork one Ottershaw TQ0163

Left leg blue tag GB20
Radio tracker on back
On roof from app 1815

14 Aug White Stork 1 TQ0163

Not sure if this is a rarity or not but spotted (and photographed) a white stork on the roof of an assisted living building in Ottershaw.

19 Aug Redstart 1 TQ013549

Male in Spl at Triggs Lock this evening at 18.45hrs. On fence post towards farm buildings.

20 Aug Whinchat 1 Papercourt Marshes

Beyond pylon line towards the farm buildings in small sapling. Stonechat also using this sapling from time to time. 7 Stonechats at one time along fence line to the west of the meadow.

20 Aug Whimbrel 1 Staines Reservoir

Feeding along causeway.

25 Aug Honey Buzzard 1 TQ2959 – Coulsdon/Chipstead

16.35pm. Heading south-west from Coulsdon –> Chipstead in general direction of Dorking. Fabulous views but sadly no photo.

26 Aug Great White Egret One Pond / Lake Molesey Heath

On the larger of the two ponds / lakes on Molesey Heath – the one nearest to the Molesey Road. Also seen one Little Egret.
Enjoyed a three way spat along with a Grey Heron.

27 Aug Whinchat 6 Washponds Lane, Chelsham

On fence line next to sheep field

01 Sep Osprey 1 Frensham Great Pond (SU845402)

One flew west at 0658 hrs.

01 Sep Peregrine Falcon 1 Hogsmill NR

Female flew W

01 Sep Pied Flycatcher One Crooksbury

Maybe more and Spotted Flycatchers. Got photo

01 Sep Pied Flycatcher One Crooksbury

Maybe more and Spotted Flycatchers. Got photo

07 Sep Ring-necked Parakeet 2 Puttenham Golf Club (SU945479)

Two ringnecks heading west over the 2nd fairway.

08 Sep Green Sandpiper 7 Spyne’s Mere, Holmethorpe SP TQ306523

Six together at Spyne’s Mere and one on the Railway pools.

14 Sep Green Sandpiper 1 TQ291666 Beddington Farmlands
20 Sep Red kite 1 Reigate

Flew over garden at 1315.

20 Sep little egret 10 fetcham mill pond TQ158562
21 Sep Black Tern 4 Frensham Great Pond (SU845402)

Present to 07.35 hrs only.

23 Sep little egret 18 fetcham mill pond TQ158562
24 Sep Marsh Harrier 1 Over Surrey Research Park, Guildford. SU968501

Seen during my lunch bread, soaring perhaps 300m up. Appeared to be a female.

26 Sep Kingfisher 1 TQ0260
28 Sep Stork 1 Blakes Lane Farm, East Chandon

10.30 am in a field by the A246 opposite Hatchlands Park, being mobbed by some crows.

02 Oct spotted flycatcher 1 Frensham great pond SU845402

by car park

05 Oct Ring-necked Parakeet 2 Puttenham Golf Club (SU945479)

Heading west over the 2nd tee. Could be the same pair I reported a few weeks back.

15 Oct Yellow-browed Warbler 1 Queen Mary Reservoir

Trapped and ringed

19 Oct House Martin 12 TQ2155 Walton on the hill

Feeding around tree tops before flew south

19 Oct Red Kite 1 Puttenham Golf Club (SU945479)

Flew into the tree by the 11th green where there’s been a nest for the past few years.

21 Oct Redwing ~40 SU949479 (Monkshatch)

About 40 Redwings heading west towards Puttenham Golf club.

01 Nov Peregrine falcon 1 Weybridge church steeple

Flew to church steeple, stayed for a few minutes and flew off.

03 Nov Raven 2 Ranmore common TQ138505
08 Nov Short eared owl One TQ1056 (I think – see below)

I was driving from Effingham Junction towards the A3 on Old Lane this morning 8 November at about 10.20am (in fact on my way to meet friends to birdwatch at Papercourt!). I had passed through the Effingham wooded area but it was before the Ockham woodland. A short eared owl flew across the road from east to west. The weather was dry and clear and I had a good view. It was definitely not a barn owl (too dark) or tawny (too pale) and had a distinctive owl face. I had a clear view of it, and it looked very large. Having looked at various websites I am sure it was a Short eared owl. I am not sure about the Grid reference but have put TQ1056 as your link gives that for Effingham Junction which was the nearest housing. Belinda Knight.

20 Nov Red kite 1 TQ142545
29 Nov Hen Harrier 1 Shackleford

3pm hunting Lone Barn fields

02 Dec Hen Harrier 1 Shackleford SU937460

Still present this morning. Sighted at 10.50 am just north of Chalk Lane, Visible intermittently in the are for about an hour.

05 Dec Raven 1 TQ118494

Single raven flying and croaking over Abinger Roughs

11 Dec Common Redstart female 1 Caterham station

I assume late leaver / on passage

16 Dec Raven 1 Ottershaw

Heard, but not seen, calling in flight over Ottershaw Village somewhere over Hare Hill Open Space heading roughly SE

20 Dec Goosander 5 m Pennymead Pond, East Horsley

at 3 pm.

21 Dec Great Grey Shrike 1 Frensham Common

GGS on Common between King’s Ridge and A287 at 08:35 hrs – then dove for cover as a heavy shower scudded over. Grid Ref approx. SU851408.

22 Dec Great Grey Sheike 1 Frensham Common

Still present this morning. At north end of east slope of KIng’s Ridge (approx/ SU854414) at 0955 hours.

24 Dec Red Kite 1 Puttenham Golf Club (SU945479)

Single bird constantly circling around the tree where a nest has been used over the past 4-5 years. (Large pine between the 11th and 14th fairways).

25 Dec Woodcock 1 TQ177597
26 Dec Ring-necked Parakeet 1 Puttenham Golf Club (SU945479)

Single bird flying high westward over the 7th fairway.

27 Dec Goosander 3 male River Mole, Leatherhead, TQ164561, below the Mansion House, accessed via the town-centre side of Leatherhead Bridge.

The (resident) Little Egret was with them.

28 Dec Treecreeper 1 TQ177597
29 Dec Grey Wagtail 1 River Mole, Leatherhead, below the picnic area off Young Street.
01 Jan Marsh Tit 1 SU892573

This looks like a single that has been around since first spotted in the garden on 26 August 2019. I am a ringer so will try to catch it to see if there is more than one. None were recorded in this area for the Surrey Bird Atlas 2008-12.

03 Jan Great Northern Diver 2 Island Barn Res (via Molsey Heath)
04 Jan Pintail 1 Frensham Great Pond

Drake present on pond early morning only.

04 Jan hawfinch 1 dick focks TQ097505
04 Jan marsh tit 2 dick focks TQ097505
07 Jan hawfinch 7+ dick focks common

possibly up to 15 birds

07 Jan raven 1 dick focks common
07 Jan Red kite 2 TQ063580
07 Jan Red Kite 2 SU936477

Circling over PGC Club House

08 Jan Barnacle Geese 40? Esher, Grove Drive

Barnacle Geese still in the area.
This morning in field off Ember Recreational Ground southside of River Ember behind houses, top end of Grove Drive.
Sharing field with two massive highland cattle.

08 Jan Goosander 11 Cutt Mill Ponds

Also several Mandarin Duck, with the drakes displaying.

12 Jan Peregrine 2 Over multistorey car park at Peacocks centre Woking

The Woking peregrine pair performed a food pass directly over the top floor of the Peacocks Centre multi-storey car park today

15 Jan Goosander 8 Cutt Mill Ponds

Also at least one, probably two, kingfisher

15 Jan Barn owl 2 Papercourt Water Meadows

Paths very muddy. Also, one male stonechat seen

16 Jan Tufted Duck Pair Leatherhead, River Mole, just below Town Bridge

River currently flooding, metre above normal. Ducks diving for about 15 seconds @ intervals.

17 Jan Goosander (drake) 1 Painshill Park Cobham on lake TQ 095600
18 Jan Kingfisher 2 Frensham little pond

East side

18 Jan Goosander 4 TQ098535

4 drake Goosander at Pennymead Lake

21 Jan Mandarin Duck 2 ( Pair ) Cut Mill Pond
21 Jan Great Crested Grebe 6 The Tarn

After initial sighting they paired up. One was well into summer plumage

21 Jan Goosander 9 ( 3m, 6f ) The Tarn
21 Jan Kingfisher1 1 The Tarn

Flew across The Tarn close to road

21 Jan Cormorant 1 The Tarn
21 Jan Tufted Duck ( f ) 1 The Tarn
21 Jan Mute Swan 3 The Tarn
21 Jan Grey Heron 1 The Tarn
21 Jan Nuthatch 2/3 The Tarn
21 Jan Kingfisher 1 Warren Pond

Flew across pond close to track separating W/Pond from The Tarn.

24 Jan Tufted Duck 2 males and a separate male R> Mole @L’hd

2 males between Bookham & Dorking line R’ Bridges. Single male up-stream of Town B. River now in normal winter flow, unlike sighting on 16 Jan.

31 Jan peregrine 1 bookham common
31 Jan Goosander 6 female 2 male Cutmill Ponds
04 Feb Peregrine 1 Guildford

Woodbridge Road by cricket ground heading towards town centre at 10.30

08 Feb Yellow-legged gull 1 From Three Corner Field hide Beddington
08 Feb Hobby Three Walton On The Hill

at a fair height with at least one juvenile continuously calling

12 Feb Green Sandpiper 1 Bank of River Ember, East Molesey – TQ147674

Viewed from opposite bank of River Ember on land owned SPA Meadow Association

14 Feb Kingfisher 1 Basingstoke canal, St. Johns

The kingfisher was seen down Basingstoke canal at 13:01 on the 14th of February flying up and down the canal before perching on a branch low to the waters edge and performing the usual head bob. The female kingfisher darted down at the water and flew off, too fast to see if it had made a successful hunt.

15 Feb Great Grey Shrike 1 Frensham Common

Present at SW corner of Vampire Flats (SU858408) at 0900hrs; earlier had been on east slope of KIng’s Ridge.

21 Feb Ring tailed Hen Harrier 1 Burpham Water Meadows

Started it flew up in front of me no time for photos. Cannot mistake it seen the one over Cutt Mill area.

28 Feb Eurasian sparrowhawk 1 TQ118639 Hersham village

Friday morning 10.50 ish sat at my Kitchen table at the computer, looking out onto our small garden when the Eurasian Sparrowhawk landed on our garden wall not 5metres from where I was sat .
stared at me for a while then hopped off to the other wall – I slowly reached for my phone to take a photo I managed one blurry shot but then it flew off – probably due to my movements.
I first assumed it to be a Kestrel, but on further investigation with its small size , brown feathers and brown and white(ish) stripy chest identified it as a Eurasian Sparrowhawk

01 Mar Blackcap 1 TQ142545


01 Mar Peregrine falcon 1 TQ177597
02 Mar Red Kite 9 Hankley Common SU884416

Along the east side of the Common, viewed from Thursley Common.

03 Mar Stonechat 12+ TQ383582

Two groups of 6 and 6+ – one group close to Washpond Lane and the second group east of Beech Farm Road

03 Mar Hen harrier 1 Papercourt meadows Send

Female hunting low passed through towards Newark Priory

10 Mar Lesser Spotted Woodpecker 1 Puttenham Common, Hampton Estate side SU915465

Heard drumming then seen flying over

10 Mar Chiffchaff 1 TQ190605


15 Mar Wheatear 2 Holmethorpe (Mercers Farm)

2 Male Wheatears on the bund of the ‘New Workings’ Mercers Farm this morning.

15 Mar Raven 1 SU994483

Single raven seen flying backwards and forwards above meadow, being mobbed by crows. Identified by size, profile and characteristic grunting sound.

17 Mar Ringtail Hen Harrier One Thursley common

Ringtail Hen Harrier actively hunting between Shrike Hill and Pine island at 17:40

22 Mar Hen Harrier 1 Thursley Common SU9041

Female Hen Harrier active over Thursley Common off and on between 10:00 and 13:00. Woodlarks, Dartford Warblers and Curlews too.

22 Mar red kite 1 tq1764

We sore a kite twice Sunday, then on Monday it was being mobbed by crows it dropped what it had in its claws it swooped down to collect what it had dropped and ended up less than fifty feet from us, wow. best regards Mark & Liz Cooper.

28 Mar Red kite 1 TQ177597
30 Mar Blackcap 1 Cobham
01 Apr Fieldfare c25 TQ216447 (Approx 1 Mile south of Leigh)

Feeding in recently ploughed field with c3 Redwing.

03 Apr Brent Goose 1-2 (or small flock) Worcester Park (observers garden)

Brent Goose calling directly over the garden at 22:58 while sitting outside for a noc-mig. Also a Coot over at 22:00.

03 Apr Wheatear 1 (m) Dungeon Hill (TQ26735967)
05 Apr Sedge Warbler 1 Hampton Court Park 9am

Singing in Hawthorn bushes alongside fence. Flooded areas on the other side of the fence.

06 Apr Ring ouzel 1 male Nore Hill Chelsham

Feeding on ground near top of hill

06 Apr Ring ouzel 1 male Nore Hill Chelsham

Feeding on ground near top of hill

06 Apr Wheatear One possibly two TQ353619

Actually on Farleigh Court Golf Course (off Old Farleigh Road) green in front of Main pond and a Club House

06 Apr Cetti’s warbler 1 Bookham Common

First heard on 6th April, photographed (record shot!) on 7th and still singing on 8th on Western Plain near Hundred Pound Bridge car park. I understand this is the first record there since 1978. Please note car park currently closed due to coronavirus restrictions.

07 Apr Cuckoo 1 Ewell Court/Hogsmill Open Space

Heard calling 12.45pm

07 Apr red breasted goose, branta ruficollis pair Leatherhead, River Mole, near wear, by football gound

Pair seen swimming up-stream, then they flew off [white under wings], towards Mickleham

08 Apr Redwing 1 Hogmill river open space

Showing very well , foraging on grass

10 Apr Little Gull 5 Frensham Great Pond, SU845402

Watched for 20 minutes at midday with binoculars only. The five birds floated together on the water’s surface, mid-pond, in the company of Black-headed Gulls. They flew only very briefly. At least one was a first year, showing W pattern across back and pale under-wings. At least one showed dark under-wings. Only one showed a dark hood. They were too far out for me to make out further details.

10 Apr Little Owl 1 TQ2759

Perched, possible roost

12 Apr Cuckoo 1 TQ216447 – Park House Farm approx 1 mile south of Leigh

Male Cuckoo, very vocal, first heard c 12.30 pm, and subsequently seen briefly.

12 Apr Marsh harrier 1 male Hindhead Common

1 male marsh harrier flew east at 1202 over south end of Hindhead Common.

12 Apr Cuckoo male calling (not seen), about 19.45 x1 By Dodd’s Bridge, Wey Navigation, Byfleet

Have NOT heard a cuckoo in Surrey for many years!!

12 Apr Swallows, a pair tree high, flicking over horse fields about 18.00 TWO Field by Wey navigation, Byfleet

Signs of summer!

12 Apr Red Kite 2 @ 09.00 and 1 @ 1pm TQ190630

2 kites circling in distance (probably over the fields S of Jubilee Way) around 9am and then one flying N of Gosbury Hill heading West just before 1pm (and photographed).

13 Apr Little ringed plover. Also house martin (1). 1 Papercourt Meadow

In flooded field where the lapwing are.

13 Apr Wheatrear 1 Whitmoor Common SU984534
13 Apr White Tailed Eagle 1 Worcester Park, Surrey

The bird was drifting quite high heading south. The bird got to a greater distance away and then started to circle gaining height. It eventually disappeared into the distance, likely carrying on south. It appeared to be either a juv or sub-ad. Several record shots acquired as well!

14 Apr Whinchat 1 Wisley Airfield TQ075575
14 Apr Rough-legged Buzzard 1 over Overton Park in Sutton, Surrey

Dear All,
Thought you’d be interested in this sighting. I’m sure of the species as it had very distinct “eyes” under its wings which match exactly with my RSPB pocket guide. Also, the flight was very smooth and not at all laboured.
I also saw a buzzard on 9 April also over Overton Park but it was higher and I could not make out too much detail.

15 Apr Whinchat 1 Wisley Airfield TQ075575

Different bird to yesterday

16 Apr Whinchat 2 Riddlesdown
16 Apr Hobby 1 Wimbledon Common

07.10 flushed all the Parakeets around Rushmere

16 Apr Brambling 1+ Gibbet Hill, Hindhead Common

At least one brambling calling at Gibbet Hill this morning. Also one swallow and two crossbills flying north.

16 Apr Wheatear Three Morden Park (not on gazetteer). TQ 24996 67915

In Morden Park on pathway between new Morden Park Leisure Centre and Hillcross Avenue. Birds showing well throughout the morning.

17 Apr Black Tern, Little Gull 2 x Black Tern, I x Little Gull Frensham Great Pond (SU845402)

18:00 – 19:00: 1 x Adult summer Little Gull. 2 x Adult summer Black Tern appeared at about 18:40. By 19:00 there were at least 50 terns present. Most were Common Terns but I couldn’t rule out a few Arctic.

17 Apr Hobby 1 Flew low over Mitcham Golf Course

Flew straight fairly low towards Beddington Incinerator.

18 Apr Common Sandpiper 1 Between Shalford Lock and St Catherines


18 Apr Black Redstart 1 Nore Hill

Female on fence line at bottom of hill early morning

18 Apr Cuckoo 1 TQ146443


19 Apr Cuckoo 1 Wisley Common

1st cuckoo of the year on Wisley Common

19 Apr Wheatear 1 Chertsey Meads
19 Apr Woodcock 1 Merrow Downs TQ035495

Roding, 20.30

22 Apr Ring Ouzel 3 Chelsham (High Breach)

2m, 1f in ash trees

22 Apr Garden warbler 1 Chertsey Meads
22 Apr Wheatear 1 TQ200730

Seen by Holly Lodge in the paddock

23 Apr Wheatear 2 TQ200730
23 Apr Greenfinch 1 My garden
24 Apr Wheatear 4 Wisley Airfield TQ075575
25 Apr Nightingale presumably just one SU871401

I have never heard a Nightingale in 18 years of living here. We back onto ‘The Flashes’ which is part of Frensham Common

25 Apr Dartford Warbler single male Chobham, south of Chobham Common NNR

Bright sunlight about 3.00pm, good view in gorse bush, sounding alarm call.

26 Apr Swift 5 to 10 High above Eden Grove Road

Almost too high to be identifiable, appeared to be feeding (wheeling and turning, changing direct) gradually moving NE-wards. Seen at about 11.00am and, again at 4.00pm. Here comes summer!!

26 Apr Nightingale 2 Near Beckett Wood, Newdigate

2 singing males

27 Apr Wheatear 1 Ockham TQ078564

Male Wheatear part of record 61 species recorded in a day at the patch, to include Reed Warbler (1st for me); Dartford Warbler; Woodlark; Stonechat; Cuckoo (x3). Also had a flyover Lapwing two days ago which is latest record for me here, in case that’s of any interest.

28 Apr Lesser Whitethroat 1 TQ200730

Near Cambrian Gate

29 Apr Nightingale One or more SU9135

I heard rather than saw the bird(s) but I do have a recording on my phone of the song.

02 May Wheatear 1 Wisley Airfield TQ075575
03 May Wheatear 2 Wisley Airfield TQ075575
03 May Whinchat 1 West Horsley Place, West Horsley.
04 May Cuckoo 1 TQ177597
05 May Black Kite 1 TQ221641 – Stoneleigh Broadway

All dark raptor gliding east at 16:55 at about 600 Feet. Viewed through Zeiss Victory binoculars 8×42. sixe between Common Buzzard and Red Kite. Very clearly a raptor, very little wing flapping, droopy wings rather than raised or straight. No discernible white rump, cream patches, paler parts etc. Triangular tail but not deeply forked. Six apparent primary fingers on each wing. Viewed from back garden for approx. 3-4 minutes in overcast sky looking south.

05 May Woodpecker 1 Mitcham Surrey london

I live in glebe court and we saw a woodpecker tapping a tree

07 May Cuckoo 1 Franklyn Road, Godalming

Calling 4:06am

07 May Cuckoo 1 Ockham Common

Sat in tree calling. Then flew, calling

07 May Cuckoo Bookham Common/Banks Common

Bird calling. Unable to locate.

08 May Whooper Swan 1 TQ 01318 55028

1 Whooper Swan near Triggs Lock on River Wey Navigation at 0730am 08/05/20 (photos taken)

08 May Black necked grebe 2 Beddington farm ponds

Swimming near hide, middle hide, near reed warblers

08 May Black necked grebe 2 Beddington farm ponds

Swimming near hide, middle hide, near reed warblers

10 May Cuckoo 1 Bourne Woods
10 May Red kite 7 to 8 Gibbet Hill, Hindhead Common

7 to 8 red kites (inc. one party of 4) to East past Gibbet Hill between 0950 and 1055. Also 1 hobby East at High Button, 10 crossbills (Hindhead Common), 1 firecrest (Gibbet Hill), a further 3 firecrests Farnham Lane/Bunch Lane, Haslemere and a pair of ravens at Gibbet Hill.

10 May Buzzard 1 Thornton Heath TQ3168

Buzzard circling very high so difficult to tell which type pretty rare in this area as very urban but saw one last summer lower in sky.

14 May Hobby 1 Papercourt Meadow

Sat in tree

15 May Osprey 1 Flying east from QE2 reservoir over West Molesey

The osprey was flying relatively high in a single direction (easterly) east of QE2 reservoir over the south of West Molesey and circled a few times before leaving our view to the east. Have seen dozens of ospreys before – 100% sure.

15 May Northern Raven 3+ Bagshot heath

3+ fledged Raven on the heath and around the radio mast.
Look to have fledged within the last few days.

16 May Bullfinch 2 SU949479 (Monkshatch)

Pair on my lawn eating dandelion seeding heads.

17 May Linnet 2 SU949479 (Monkshatch)

On my lawn eating seeding grass. First ever sighting at Monkshatch.

17 May Cuckoo 1 Ranmore Common

Heard but not seen

20 May Nightingale 1 River Wey, Riverside Park, Guildford TQ004517

Singing at 10.00 in scrub between river and spiked metal fence south of council tip. I would be sceptical of one here myself but I am familiar with the song. I managed a short video sequence on my phone which includes the “fluting, much higher pitched pioo repeated rather slowly in striking crescendo” (BWP) but it seems it is too large a file to email (and I don’t know how to edit it!).

20 May White tailed sea eagle Two Weybourne, Farnham, Surrey GU9 9DQ

When I spotted them from my garden I did not know what they were but was impressed by their broad wings. They were soaring in circles quite high and were being continually ‘dive bombed’ by what looked like a crow. The eagles did not appear to be bothered and continued to slowly gain height. I only know what they were after seeing a report in my local newspaper (Farnham Herald) this week saying that Eagles have been spotted not far away from Farnham. The crow? finally gave up and the Eagles went out of sight.

23 May Reed warbler 2 Frensham Little Pond

Heard in two different spots around the pond

23 May Reed Bunting 1 Frensham Little Pond

Perched on the reed beds next to the cafe

24 May Crested tit Nest Effingham
28 May Whooper Swan 1 TQ020539 (Lat/Long 51.275/-0.540)

On River Wey near Sutton Place. I have photographs

30 May Great Spotted Woodpecker 2 TQ293440

This was a fleeting sighting, but I have never seen them in this area before. They were stunning.

31 May Nightingale 1 Wodeland avenue, Guildford GU2 4LD

unusually singing at dusk from an exposed tree branch. song repeated at dawn on June 1st.

31 May Red backed shrike 1 Broardmeads in Send

I think I saw a female Red Backed Shrike yesterday. There were plenty of reed bunting around and at first I thought it a female. But it was something different. It stayed still perched on top of low bramble bush so I got a good look. I suppose the thing I noticed most was that the breast pattern was sort of horizontal (Like sparrowhawk say). Something about head and beak too. Finally flew off and I had to join wife and kid, so no time to search. I am not trying to claim this as a definite sighting but if someone more familiar with RBS were to take a look over there they may get lucky. I would like to know obviously.
If you cross the bridges from the Tannery and stand at the end of the flat bridge there are 3 paths across the field. Take the one straight ahead to the right. The bird was only about 100m from the bridge in the open (but becoming scrubby) field.

Many thanks

Paul Stevens

31 May Little Owl 1 Farthing Downs TQ300568
01 Jun Little Egret 1 TQ03926976

Flying downstream

04 Jun Yellowhammer – Male 1 Farthing Downs

Also 1 Whitethroat, 1 Skylark, 1 Meadow Pipit and large numbers of Swift

06 Jun Red-footed falcon 1 Parish Field area, Thursley

Fairly sure of identification. Have some poor quality dark and silhouetted photographs. Seen aerially and also landing and sitting in a tree in the Parish Field. Can provide photographs once I have got them off the camera if that would be useful.

06 Jun Red-footed falcon 1 Parish Field area, Thursley

Fairly sure of identification. Have some poor quality dark and silhouetted photographs. Seen aerially and also landing and sitting in a tree in the Parish Field. Can provide photographs once I have got them off the camera if that would be useful.

06 Jun cuckoo 1 TQ125686 Molesey reservoirs site

I was on the adjacent Thames path at 21.00 and heard it calling but didnt see it.

08 Jun Buzzard one TQ 22136412

broad winged soaring hawk twice the size of local crows (non such park) today harrying a crow in flight, twice seen earlier in may being mobbed by half a dozen crows, which would attack in soaring flight and be brushed off
seems to be a buzzard of some sort

08 Jun Buzzard one TQ 22136412

broad winged soaring hawk twice the size of local crows (non such park) today harrying a crow in flight, twice seen earlier in may being mobbed by half a dozen crows, which would attack in soaring flight and be brushed off
seems to be a buzzard of some sort

15 Jun Lesser Spotted Woodpecker One In garden at 2 Gainsborough Close, Esher KT10 8JR TQ153667

On our bird feeder for a few minutes – not long enough to take a photograph. Date is approximate. Distinctive red cap

17 Jun Cetti’s Warbler Two Molesey Heath

Two heard (and briefly seen) this morning. One along the River Mole near Ray Road allotments and second (presumed separate bird) at lake (nearer to Molesey Road).
First time I have heard this species at Molesey Heath. Not sure if this is now a resident and/or warrants inclusion as a rarity sighting.

18 Jun Ring-necked Parakeet 2 SU951483

Two ringnecks heading west.

23 Jun Wood warbler 1 Woking Great Wood

I took a few photographs of a wood warbler perched on a twig in water.

24 Jun Crossbill 10+ Bookham common

calling in flight

24 Jun Crossbill 10+ Bookham common

calling in flight

29 Jun Little Ringed Plover 5 Addlestone gravel pits

Two adults with three chicks

02 Jul Egret one Polsted Lane, Compton, Guildford

Sadly on the ground injured, probably flew into overhead wires? Can’t ‘take off’ and will sadly be a fox’s lunch 🙁

05 Jul Firecrest 1 Severells Copse NT TQ13455

1 male bird singing and seen well in holly tree, close to Mill Pond off Friday Street


Testing Sightings form. Please email moc.otnypnull@nismat if you receive this.


Please let me know if this form arrives.
Thank you

08 Jul Great white egret One Bletchingley

Great white egret flying low over fields at Brewer Street Farm

11 Jul Nightjar 4 Ash Ranges, at top of path from ash Vale Station

Had to wait till 9.45pm but suddenly saw 4 of them darting in and out of the conifer trees and then heading out onto the heath. One sat and perched very close to us on a tree branch and started chirring right In front of us. Then we heard the chirring of all the others calling back. Amazing sight!

17 Jul Dartford Warbler 5 Thursley Common

5 spotted right next to the path in one of the low bushes just to the left of the path from the Moat car park. They were very tame.

17 Jul hawfinch 1 juvenile Effingham Forest ( Dick Focks Common)
18 Jul Ring-necked Parakeet 1 Puttenham Golf Club (SU945479)

Single bird flying north towards the Hog’s Back

20 Jul 1 little grebe, 1 great crested grebe, 2 cormorants, 5 herons, 1 jay, 3 song thrushes, 3 robins, 1 greenfinch, and many blue and great tits. tice’s meadow
28 Jul Common Sandpiper 8 Frensham Great Pond, SU845399

A group of eight Common Sandpipers just east of the inflow stream. Also, at least three Kingfishers on the outflow Pond.

29 Jul Hen harrier 1 Canons Farm

Briefly behind Reads Rest cottages at 09.00 before flying off high to west

01 Aug Great White Egret 1 Tundry Pond, Dogmersfield Park, Odiham, Surrey

Without binoculars or long lens we cannot confirm 100%. The ‘Gt White Egret’ remained poised in a tree overlooking water in Tundry Pond. We first saw it about 16:00 on a very sumny afternoon walk. Continued to observe it as we reached as close as public are able near the lake. Asked a passing photographer but he was not 100% sure either.

01 Aug Marsh Harrier 1 SU871485

Observed between 18.55 (when I arrived on site) and 19.00 on a beautifully clear and sunny evening. It is unknown how long this female Marsh Harrier was on site before I arrived. She made no more than a couple of low passes along the south eastern shoreline that runs parallel with the A31, dropping several times as if to attempt to catch something. By around 19.00, she made her way, very low, in a westerly direction beyond the tree line and wasn’t seen again by the time I left at 21.00. With fairly distant but very clear views, this bird was certainly an adult female. This would be only the 2nd record for the site.

02 Aug Red kite 2 Camberley, Surrey

2 pm we didn’t know what bird they were but did

02 Aug Red kite 2 Camberley, Surrey, above M3 motorway

2 pm we saw a pair of chestnut/red coloured birds soaring with white markings underneath and distinctive forked tails, which we identified as Red Kites

07 Aug Common Crossbill 3 TQ071585
07 Aug Nightjar 2 Whitmoor Common

Heard several and saw two swooping after dusk

10 Aug Osprey 1 Frensham little pond, in the wooded area behind the long low wall

Osprey sighted perched on a large tree 30yards from the large low wall at one of the beach points. Clearly an Osprey, with white head and powerful white legs easily seen as it launched off its perch.

11 Aug Whinchat 1 Chelsham

Also 4 Stonechats

11 Aug Whinchat 1 Chelsham

Also 4 Stonechats

13 Aug Wheatear 1 Shackleford Lydling Farm


19 Aug Storm
23 Aug Whooper Swan Cynus cygnus 1 (one) TQ007531 On the River Wey by Burpham Court Farm

This is the first Whooper Swan I have seen on this stretch of the River Wey. It was on the stretch that goes past Burpham Court Farm between the weir and going up river towards Stoke Lock. I have several photos if needed and a close up of the bill markings. It has not been ringed.

24 Aug Tree Pipit 1 Worcester Park

Single bird over the garden at 6:57 and 2 Yellow Wagtails S.

27 Aug Single Winchat, 6 yellow wagtails amongst cattle, 4 wheatear 1x winchat, 6x yellow wagtails, 4 x wheatear Shackleford

Amongst the cattle or along the adjacent barbed wire fence

27 Aug Marsh Harrier – female type 1 SU871485

I originally picked this up heading generally SW along the SE shoreline of The Workings at Tices Meadow shortly before 07.25 in the morning. It continued onward in a general SW direction and was out of site just after 07.30, as it appeared to continue beyond Lower Hale and Farnham. The morning’s cloud and low light unfortunately prevented further confirmation beyond ‘female type’ of a female or juvenile. For clarity, this was not a male. Also observed and confirmed by Richard Seargent and John Hunt.

28 Aug Spotted Flycatcher 2 Richmond Park
31 Aug Yellow Wagtail 5 Priest hill (Nescot farm paddocks)

5 yellow wagtails and Wheatear present in the farm paddocks.

01 Sep whinchat 1 Worcester Park TQ227670

In horse field behind Green Lane School

01 Sep Raven; Whinchat 1; 1 Wisley Airfield TQ075575
01 Sep Raven; Whinchat 1; 1 Wisley Airfield TQ075575

Hi, I thought I’d submitted this on Tuesday but just seen neither sighting showed on the website so perhaps I didn’t! A 32nd site for Whinchat this passage!

01 Sep Hoopoe One Reigate garden TQ 257493

I am an experienced birder and was shown a photo by the observer. Four days later another birding friend saw a single bird in a neighbour’s garden just across the main road, A217, from the first sighting. This one at TQ 257 490. Although I did not see this/these birds myself
I have full confidence in these reports. I am a past chairman of Wiltshire Ornithological Society, the county bird club.

02 Sep Nutcracker 1 On shed roof TQ200730

Mostly brown on top with very dark, nearly black, breast with many definite white spots.

02 Sep Eastern Rosella 1 TQ2060

I am not an avid bird watcher – we just admire the birds at our garden feeder. This morning we had a visit by an Eastern Rosella , and he/she came back this afternoon. I hope this information might provide some interest – we are not sure if it is a common occurrence to see them. We were certainly surprised by our guest . Thank you.

02 Sep Nutcracker 1 Shed roof TQ200370

It wasn’t too big so maybe not a nutcracker but what else??? It definitely had a very dark breast with distinctive white spots and was brown on top.

02 Sep Nutcracker 1 Shed roof TQ200370

It wasn’t too big so maybe not a nutcracker but what else??? It definitely had a very dark breast with distinctive white spots and was brown on top.

03 Sep White Stork 1 Priest Hill, East Ewell TQ230613

Seen at 11am flying over being mobbed by crows, missing primaries on right wing, seen to go low, refound at 11.30 feeding on the ground,
Could not see if if was ringed because of the length of vegetation. Flew off at 11.55 in the direction of Banstead, a check over Cannons Farm did not relocate the bird.

03 Sep Winchat 3 Shackleford, in the field beside the hay bales at Lone Barn

Along with numerous Stonechats

03 Sep Winchat 3 Shackleford, in the field beside the hay bales at Lone Barn

Along with numerous Stonechats

04 Sep Wheater, Winchat, Raven, Red Kites 1 Wheater, 7 Winchat, 2 Ravens flew through, 3 Red Kites Shackleton

By the the model plane field, also a late White throat

04 Sep Hoopoe 1 On garden lawn
07 Sep Wheatear, Winchat 3 x Wheatear on Shrike hill, 1 x Parish field (4 total) single Winchat on Shrike hill Thursley common
10 Sep White tailed eagle? 1 Bisley, Woking SU9458

I believe I saw a White tailed eagle from my garden around 1500 hours today.

10 Sep Peregrine Falcon 1 SU995455

It flew overhead travelling from Unstead SF over the flooded field towards Farncombe at 17:25 today

10 Sep Crossbill 2; a male and juvenile Crooksbury common
12 Sep Hobby 1 TQ306523

Juvenile perched on tree in middle of lake, made a number of forays over the lake chasing insects before returning to the same spot. Seen 14:30-14:45

13 Sep Firecrest 2 Tilford SU 8742
14 Sep Osprey 1 Cutmill Ponds

Flew over the Warren Pond several times

15 Sep Fucking big bird with yellow under wing feathers Only one think he was looking for pigeons as they all seemed to be bit frightened Gu29nl

What was it?

16 Sep Yellow wagtail, Winchat 11 x yellow wagtails. 1 x Winchat Shackleford

Wagtails in with the cattle by the Lone barn

21 Sep Redshank 8 TQ184607

Disturbed birds from top end of Epsom great pond behind the island, so only heard alarm calls and saw them fly off showing characteristic white trailing wing edges. 8 redshank here in September seems odd, so unwilling to submit as a definite sighting without confirmation.

22 Sep Crossbill, Siskin 14 Crossbills, one Siskin Thursley Moat pond

14 Crossbills and a single Siskin, feeding and drinking by the footbridge on the edge of the Moat pond

22 Sep Crossbill, Siskin 14 Crossbills, one Siskin Thursley Moat pond

14 Crossbills and a single Siskin, feeding and drinking by the footbridge on the edge of the Moat pond

24 Sep Hobby 2 Crooksbury commin

Two juveniles very vocal and visible as they sparred above the pine forest south of Crooksbury common

26 Sep Crossbill 35plus Leith Hill TQ139431

Around Duke’s Warren. Accompanied by one siskin

27 Sep Ring Ouzel 2 TQ146443

2 Ring Ouzel seen NW of Coldharbour cricket pitch

27 Sep Crossbill 40 TQ146443

Around 40 Crossbill seen and heard around Duke’s Warren.

28 Sep Firecrest 2+ Nonsuch Park

In holly trees in the mansion house garden.

30 Sep Spotted Flycatcher 1 Chobham Common SU980645

Just NE of central car park.

03 Oct Tawny Owl 1 Battersea Park

Pretty common in some areas of London the further out you go but I’ve been seriously bird watching in Battersea Park for 12 years and this is first time I’ve seen/heard one and it’s been around for over 1 week. Probably been others passing through over these years, but this is the 1st that I know of that’s been around for several days. You can check my report on this park on the London Birders web site under site listings page. If you have any records for this park then please let me know. Thanks. Michael.

06 Oct Stonechat 2 St Catherine’s lock
06 Oct Crossbill 15+ Gibbet Hill, Hindhead Common

At least three birds over Gibbet Hill and an further 12+ over Hindhead Common.

07 Oct Black Redstart female 1 Woldingham (Warren Barn)
07 Oct Ring Ouzel – first winter 1 possibly 2 Woldingham (Beech Farm Road)

In small copse. One seen – a second sighting may have been a different bird.

09 Oct Grey Partridge 1 Wallington

One imm. seen for 20 mins on a neighbour’s shed roof before it flew off at 9.30 am

10 Oct Waxwing 1 TQ219582

My first Waxwing!

11 Oct Scaup? 1 female Frensham Little Pond. SU414856

Never seen one before,but distinct white ring round base of bill.Looked a bit smaller than the tufted ducks.Diving repeatedly

12 Oct Firecrest 1 Buckland, TQ2251

1 male in private garden. Again on 16 October

12 Oct Firecrest 1 Buckland, TQ2251

1 male in private garden. Again on 16 October

14 Oct Swallow 4 TQ163568

Flying SW.

15 Oct Crossbill Six Crooksbury common

MaleS and females in flight and perched in conifers

18 Oct Short-Eared Owl 1 Worcester Park

Drifting high SE at 08:16

18 Oct Black Heron One Dorking

It is completely black in colour. Its neck is overly curved back in flight. It is large not small and is not grey or have any of the obvious white plumage of a Heron. It is not a shag or cormorant.

18 Oct Short-eared Owl 1 London Wetlands Centre TQ228770

Seen around 16.00 high over the grazing marsh being mobbed by crows. Then drift out towards the Shard before turning back eventually coming in over the Wildside before dropping down behind the reeds beds near Headley Hide.

18 Oct white stork 1 beddington

ringed bird GB35

19 Oct red crested pochard one Carshalton ponds near The Sun Inn.
22 Oct Lesser Redpoll 50+ TQ029565 Papercourt Water Meadows

Feeding in top of Silver birch

22 Oct Lesser Redpoll 50+ TQ029565 Papercourt Water Meadows

Feeding in top of Silver birch

22 Oct Merlin 1 SU996529

This bird sat on my fence approx. 15 mins so I had ample time to observe thru binoculars – I think it was a female

23 Oct Firecrest One Frensham Great pond outlet

Also Grey Wagtail

23 Oct Common Crossbill 2 Pine Ridge Golf Course, Camberley
23 Oct Red Kite 1 TQ328555
28 Oct Firecrest One Frensham Great pond outlet

Not sure if you want this species reporting

30 Oct Greater Scaup 1 Frensham Great Pond SU845402

Female opposite the hotel. Apparent dark eye could suggest hybrid.

01 Nov Crossbill 5 Prince’s Covert (Oxshott woods)

Mobile, moving between feeding spots in the woodland.

01 Nov Swallow 1 TQ177597

Flying east

02 Nov Common Crossbill 14 Ockley Common SU9141
04 Nov Crossbill 5 Ockham Common

A group of females seen feeding in a Scots Pine.

05 Nov black redstart 1 Worcester Park

I this afternoon at Lower Morden Stables at end of Green Lane

06 Nov raven 2 over Fetcham TQ1456

first from the garden!

08 Nov Red-Crested Pochard 1 Hedgecourt Lake TQ355403

A male with the Common Pochard flock, from Mill Lane, left towards the Reed beds.

10 Nov Starling 5000 Frensham Great Pond SU845402

About that number. Dropped into reeds just east of the yacht club. Even when in the roost, small parties and individuals kept arriving to join them. A few days ago, they roosted in reeds next to the bathinig beaches.

30 Pied Wagtails roosted with the Starlings.

13 Nov unknown Parakeet 1 Hogsback

Driving west along the Hogsback (A31) just north of Seale at 08:00 today I saw a large Parakeet (or possibly a Macaw) – the light was not good at that time of day!
The wingbeat was slow and not like the normal Ring-necked style of dashing flight I’m used to at home near Ascot.
The bird looked mainly green, but may have had pale cheek patches (could have been an artefact of the light). Has anybody lost such a bird?

13 Nov Little Bunting One Ockley common, Thursley

Seen as regular flooded pathway on Ockley common at 12:40 and 12:44

16 Nov Crossbill 6 Thursley

No sign of Little Bunting Sunday or today, didn’t locate the Reed buntings other than singular ones.

16 Nov Barnacle Goose solitary Near GR: SU975441

The meadow is currently flooded by Tilthams Corner Road. This solitary goose was making the most of the wetland with canada geese, pheasants and gulls

18 Nov Scaup 1 Island Barn Reservoir


18 Nov Scaup 1 Island Barn Reservoir


19 Nov Lesser Redpoll 35 Norbury Park TQ 153538
21 Nov Firecrest 1 TQ328530

It was a female flitting about in a holly bush in my garden just outside the kitchen window. The only other time I have seen a Firecrest in my garden was in exactly the same spot.

22 Nov Woodcock 1 Herne Hill TQ325744

at Peabody Hill Open Space

23 Nov Buzzard 1 TQ272638

I have seen this Buzzard many times over the last three weeks and have photographed it. Would be happy to share pics. It seems to be living in a copse close to the Telegraph Track on the Wallington/Carshalton border. I have had an interest in birdwatching in this area for over 50 years and never seen or heard of a bird of prey of this size before.

24 Nov Goosander (male) 1 Cutt Mill Pond
26 Nov Firecrest, Raven 1, 1 Wisley Airfield TQ075575
26 Nov Goosander 2 male 2 female SU9041

On forked pond

26 Nov Rustic Bunting One Ockley common Thursley

The rustic bunting was found by myself, John Rowlands and Dave Carlson, however at the time we identified it as not being a Little Bunting. Pictures are on Facebook under Surrey Birding, by John Rowlands

27 Nov Scolopax rusticola 1 TQ027675

Spooked when walking on track by NE field.

29 Nov Rustic Bunting 1 Thursley Common

1st-winter Rustic Bunting still present on Ockley Common this morning along with 1 Little Bunting, though both were very elusive. Also 22 Lesser Redpoll.

30 Nov White-fronted Goose (Eurasian Race) 1 Littlelake Farm,Horley TQ297447

Goose on ground in grass farmers` field.First seen about 11.00am still present when returned about 12:30pm. Photos taken.

03 Dec White fronted goose 15 Betchworth , Fields adjacent to private estate

15 seen at close proximity associated with large flock of Canada geese and Egyptian geese .Due to puring rain at 11am full count was not undertaken

04 Dec Woodcock 1 Buckland

Flew over garden at 7.15 am

04 Dec Woodcock 1 Buckland

Flew over garden at 7.15 am

05 Dec Hawfinch 2 Effingham Forest / Dick Focks Common
08 Dec Great Grey Shrike 1 Su9041

At about 14.00 hrs. Towards SW corner of reserve

08 Dec Great Grey Shrike 1 Su9041

At about 14.00 hrs. Towards SW corner of reserve

12 Dec Merlin,Water Rail 1 Merlin,2 Water Rail River Mole ,Charlwood.

Very flooded River Mole produced two new sightings plus a Mink.

15 Dec Osprey 1 TQ102668, Terrace Road

Osprey has been sighted here for a few weeks. From phone footage, vet has confirmed the species. We are close to reservoirs and River Thames.

17 Dec Merlin One Ockley common, Thursley

Also Little bunting

17 Dec Short-eared Owl 1 Staines Moor

Hunting over the east of the moor. Barn Owl also present and hunting, plus 2 Jack Snipes and Water Pipit.

20 Dec Avocet 1 Littlelake Farm (Tanyard Meadows) TQ295443

Avocet in flooded field south of Burstow Stream for at least 1 hour then flew off to cropped maize field on other side of stream. Photos taken.

22 Dec Raven 4 Wisley Common

4 flew over south together then returned

03 Jan Red Crested Pochard female 2 Tice’s Meadow

I have a photograph taken using a scope . i have asked a far more experienced person to confirm the sighting from the photo .
Do i need to fill in a rarity form as well ?


08 Jan Brent Geese 6 Mercer’s Lake West TQ301524

Seen from viewpoint accessible from Bletchingley Riad

08 Jan Goosander 4 River Mole Mickleham (from Old London Rd Bridge)

2 pairs together

09 Jan Goosander 7 male and 4 female Cutt Mill pond
10 Jan Black Redstart 1 TQ0538

Single female / first winter black redstart in garden abutting Surrey Hills AONB

10 Jan Firecrest 1 Mickleham along River Mole footpath 200 yards west of Old London Road Bridge.
10 Jan Firecrest 1 Mickleham. 200 metres west of Old London Rd Bridge along River Mole
10 Jan Lesser Redpoll c40 Norbury Park TQ 156542
11 Jan Black Redstart 1 TQ0538

Female type black redstart in residential garden off Amlets Lane Cranleigh. Sighted 11th & 13th Jan (one prior sighting already recorded). Feeding on viburnum tinus berries. Photographs available if required (prior sighting verified by Edward Stubbs)

12 Jan Goosander 3 River Mole Leatherhead

Three drakes seen today. Possibly 7 in total locally as 2 pairs also seen on River Mole in Mickleham recently.

13 Jan Peregrine Falcon 1 St James Church, Weybridge buttress
14 Jan Greylag x Canada goose hybrid 2 TQ335780
15 Jan Mediterranean Gull 1 Walton Bridge, Walton on Thames

First winter, opp cafe

15 Jan Goosander 7 – 5m; 2f Pennymead Lake, East Horsley TQ098535
15 Jan Red Kite 2 birds Over Merrow Common and Merrow Park Housing Estate
17 Jan Red-crested Pochard 4 TQ353684 South Norwood Country Park

2m 2f

17 Jan Blackcap 1 Male West End (private garden)SU948608
17 Jan Yellow-legged Gull 1 Rotherhithe

2nd-winter at the mouth of Greenland Dock

17 Jan Yellow-legged Gull 1 Rotherhithe

2nd-winter at the mouth of Greenland Dock

17 Jan Ring Necked Parakeet One SU9945

I saw a single Ring Necked Parakeet fly over the Dry Lagoon at Unstead SF in a SE direction at around 4:00 – 5:00pm
I understand from Ed Stubbs that this is an unusual sighting in this part of Surrey, hence why I am submitting this record now. It is also the first I have seen in my area since moving here in 2014.

21 Jan siberian chiff chaff 3or more Wandle river poulters park TQ272674
21 Jan Firecrest 2 Dulwich Wood TQ340725
23 Jan Water Rail 1 Hampton/Mayflower Wetland NR

Showing well in the open for periods

24 Jan Blackcap 1 Male West End

On fat balls in the snow today. Seen regularly in the garden.

24 Jan ???? 1 my garden in Shalford Surrey GU4

I am trying to identify this bird. It is the size of a great tit – has a dark brown back and a fawn/beige breast underside. It has 3 distinct white spots down its wing. The beak was brown or light in colour – a light brown perhaps. How do I identify this bird. I have never seen it before

26 Jan Redwing c50 Norbury Park TQ 151543
26 Jan Bullfinch 4 Norbury Park TQ 155543

3 female 1 male

26 Jan Sparrowhawk 1 Norbury Park TQ 155543


26 Jan Marsh Tit 2 Norbury Park TQ 157539
26 Jan Firecrest 1 SU 87495 33511

Right next to my gym along a wooded roadside! Hopping around branches 2 metres from me with clear view of unmistakeable eye stripe.

27 Jan Robin 1 Back garden ,Staines TW184YH

I have good photograph of Albino Robin seen in my back garden, close to Moor Lane / Staines Moor and it appears that it has
been seen a several locations along Moor Lane for several weeks now. Some people think it is an Albino Sparrow.

28 Jan Siberian Chiffchaff 1 by River Wandle at Poulter Park

Only one seen

28 Jan Great Grey Shrike 1 Ockley common on Thursley Common SU9041

The bird was perched for some time on a straight old pine. If seemed hunting was over for the day but it had not gone yet to roost.

29 Jan Raven 1 Richmond Park

Seen twice, cronking loudly both times.

29 Jan Whinchat 10 – 50 TQ034699

A group of about 10 birds landed in a small tree covered in ivy on my smallholding about a third of a mile inland from Truss’s Island around midday yesterday. I looked at them very carefully with binoculars and checked in my bird books and they were definitely Whinchats with the distinctive eye markings, rufus chest and patterned back feathers. I observed them flitting around in bushes and trees for about 20 minutes and then a large group of seagulls where flying, soaring and swooping over head and the whinchats took flight. In sky above is could see about 30 – 50 birds fly off in a flock. Sadly that was the last I saw of them. They seemed to head off South Westish.

31 Jan Red Kite 1 TQ0538

Flying overhead Amlets Lane pursued by three crows (photo available if required)

31 Jan Parakeet One GU10 4SN

10:45 this morning in a tree behind my garden. No binoculars to hand but the call was unmistakeable as was the shape and long tail as it flew. Are the ring-necked parakeets already in this area? A first for me.. It was heading towards Wrecclesham.

31 Jan Grey Wagtail 1 Molesey Heath TQ132672

feeding on the River Mole – very near to where the YBW has been seen

01 Feb Firecrest 1 SU963434 Godalming, New Way

Ringed, but way too quick to read!

03 Feb Crossbill 8 Ockham Common

Not sure if you received the email yesterday, so am submitting this sighting on the proper form.

06 Feb Woodlark 6 Puttenham Common
07 Feb Yellow-browed Warbler 1 Molesey Heath

Also 2 Chiffchaff, 1 Treecreeper

08 Feb Goosander 2 TQ292516

1m, 1f on Watercolour lagoon with mixed gull flock at 1240hrs.

08 Feb Lesser redpoll 1 Hascombe
09 Feb Barn owl 1 TQ250577 Canon’s farm

Quartering a field behind Reads Rest Cottages at 1pm.

10 Feb Yellow-browed Warbler One River Wandle Trail (TQ263711) (near railway bridge over river)

Pretty sure this was a Yellow-browed Warbler but I have not seen one before. It was seen with a Goldcrest. Have two photos – one with both species. How do I submit them?

11 Feb Plum Headed Parakeet 1 TQ0538

Visited my garden bird feeder. Think it’s an escapee pet.

11 Feb raven 1 Virgina Water
11 Feb Wigeon and Red-crested pochard 52 wigeon 1Red-crested pochard Newdigate Brickworks
12 Feb Goosander 1 Mercer’s Lake TQ298518

Female. Near road access to sailing club, late morning.

12 Feb Little Egret 1 Pheasantry Gardens, Bushy Park

Wading in the stream alongside a grey heron.

13 Feb Mediterranean Gull 1 TQ335780 – Burgess Park Lake

Showing very well on frozen lake

13 Feb Firecrest 1 Churt Common ‘The Flashes’

1 lone Firecrest – close up and approx 1 minute sighting of bird in pine scrub – this was definitely a Firecrest and not a Goldcrest

14 Feb Mediterranean Gull One Burgess Park lake TQ 335780

With other gulls feeding on bread provided by members of the public.

20 Feb Yellow Hammer 1 In fields beyond Backside Common, Woodstreet
20 Feb Ring-necked Duck 1 TQ298518

one female among paddling of Tufted Ducks 9a.m.

20 Feb lapwing c.100 TQ123638
23 Feb Goosander 4 (3m + 1f) Cutt Mill Pond

5 Mandarin Ducks also present

23 Feb goosander 5 Lowicks Pond, Churt SU859402

3 males and 2 females

23 Feb Snow Geese 6 to 8 Between Desborough cut (Thames) and Ferry Lane Sheperton, Surrey

A group of them seem to arrive late afternoons most days at the moment. (winter visitor)

24 Feb fieldfare c.150 TQ123638

Many with redwing, starling and mistle trush

24 Feb fieldfare 150 TQ123638
25 Feb Ring-necked duck 1 TQ292515 Holmethorpe SP

Female. On the Railway Pools, 1420-1440 at least.

25 Feb woodcock 1 TQ123638
26 Feb Common redpoll 2 British Wildlife Centre TQ 36624 43778

These two looked to be good candidates for ‘mealy’. They were very pale beneath with extensive pale strawberry pink breast colouring. They also appeared quite bulky. Unfortunately I could only see a front-on view and they flew off before I could see any more details. I was pretty close to them, perhaps 12 meters. I have seen plenty of lesser redpolls and these certainly looked ‘different’. I was confident enough to count them for my own list but I would not be surprised if the rarities committee felt that their IDs weren’t proved.

27 Feb Goosander 1 River Wey at Somerset Bridge (921429)

Male fishing just upstream from bridge at 0720.

27 Feb Crossbill 10 Thursley Common (901409)

Group in pines at the south end of South Bog near Long Island at 0800.

28 Feb Jack Snipe 2 Tice’s Meadow SU871485

Two seen at about 5pm

28 Feb Mediterranean Gull 1 Tice’s Meadow SU871485

Male seen well in flight

28 Feb mandarin duck 4 TQ123638
01 Mar Crossbill 5+ Ockham Common TQ082586

Get in!

01 Mar Red-crested Pochard 1 drake TQ283770

A drake probably feral! But they aren’t resident at this park and only successfully raised young once in 2011.

03 Mar Iceland Gull 1 TQ292516 Watercolour Lagoons, Holmethorpe SP

Juvenile (2nd winter?). Standing apart from other gulls at roost on flooded field adjacent to W’colour 1. Seen1250-1310, when flew to nearby landfill (so may have returned to roost after feeding).

03 Mar 2 gadwall. 4 greylag, firecrest and little egret Milton Court mill pond

Early am

04 Mar Redshank 1 TQ162560

Leatherhead Mill pool. Perched in overhanging trees

05 Mar Marbled teal 1 Brockwell Park, Lambeth TQ316741

Judging by how tame this pretty duck is, it probably is an escape.
I have a very good photo of it but not sure how I submit.

05 Mar 1 2 Littleworth Common

2 red kites at edge of Littleworth Common, over the ponds. 11.20am

06 Mar Lesser Redpole 6 – 8 TQ030518 Henchley Dene garden.

First time ever seen these.Very flighty similar to blue tits. Using feeders and seeds on old grass stems.

06 Mar Common Cross bill 12 plus Blackheath TQ040460

including one with white in wings
also 6 Redpoll

07 Mar raven two Brookwood cemetery su956562

two ravens crongking at the top of redwood trees 10.20 am still there when I left at 10 40 am.

Swift 40-50 Su893355

Mobbing a sparrowhawk


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Crossbills 20+ Ockham Common

Regular flock seen Friday and again today drinking in puddle right side end of footpath from second car park.


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I submitted this record for July’68/69, for which I never received an acknowledgement.
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Unfortunately with the passage of time I can’t be more precise with the year or the exact date. If you’re interested, I can furnish you with the “site” upon request.

Many thanks

Ken Murray

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fieldfare c.150 TQ130565

Mixed flock, mainly fieldfares but with redwing, starling and mistle thrush