Recent Sightings

Date Bird Qty Location Notes
02 Jan Magpie 26 St John’s, Basingstoke Canal


30 Apr Juvenile great grey shrike 1 Whitmore common SU984534
02 May test species

test only

02 May WOODLARK 2 adults/parents foraging and feeding their 3 young Brook/Sandhills, Surrey area. see comments

Sirs having been asked if I would be interested in visiting this small Estate, without asking the owners permission to do so I would prefer not to give its exact location. Photos/Images taken*, unfortunately the video clips, I find have got deleted.
I am not sure if this is of any interest to you or for it to be recorded.
Paul Renmant, The White House, The Common, Dunsfold, Surrey. GU8 4LA.

*can forwarded some if needed.

03 May Whinchat 1 Tices meadow

This is my mobile email address Penny

05 May Garden Warbler 1 Burpham

Heard singing from house at 08.15hrs but not seen due foliage. Sort of new “home” tick for me being heard only and probably in neighbours garden.

06 May Cuckoo 1 TQ0356649754

Male Cuckoo heard & seen. Been in this area for at least a week.

07 May Whinchat 2 Thursley Common SU912420

Two birds together on the patch of common nearest Red House Farm. Lest anyone think I may be confusing with Stonechat I can submit a photo albeit a not very good one!

08 May Black Tern 8 Frensham Great Pond (SU845402)

present early evening

08 May Black Tern 2 Staines Resevoir

22 had been seen at about 14.00hrs just before I arrived.

08 May Common Sandpiper 1 Staines Resevoir

at 15.30hrs. west end of south basin near pipes on bank near tower.

08 May Dunlin 9 Staines Resevoir

A group of 8 on north shore of south basin and a lone bird on east shore of north basin. 14.30 to 15.30hrs.

09 May Tree Pipit 1 Thursley Common
09 May Redstart 1 Thursley Common

other members of the RSPB Guildford group saw more.

09 May Woodlark 3 Thursley common
09 May Curlew 1 Thursley Common
09 May Dartford Warbler 6 Thursley Common

Probably many more. they seemed to be everywhere.

09 May Willow Warbler 2 Thursley Common

Heard only

09 May Nightingale 1 Thursley Common

Heard only. North of Shrike Hill from shrubs at edge of pine copse. First I have heard on Thursley Common.

09 May Garden Warbler 1 Thursley Common

Heard only. East of Shrike Hill.

09 May blue tit 2 my garden!

test sent at 16:09

09 May Swift (Apus apus) 2 over Eden Grove Road, Byfleet. OS ref.: TQ 0660

Swifts arriving at established breeding site, here since 2015 at least.

10 May Swift (Apus apus) about 10 birds Above (very high) Eden Grove Road, Byfleet; TQ 0660

12 noon, probably many more, just visible and identifiable, no binoculars. Established colony, since 2015 at least.
More boxes going up this week, hopefully not too late!?

11 May Nightingale 1 Behind The Greenings, Deanoak Lane, Leigh (TQ239453)

Male in full song at 11.00 am in bushes by bridge on footpath behind ‘The Greenings’.

13 May Spotted Flycatcher 2 Rspb Farnham heath

In car park on sunny side of trees at 17.45hrs

13 May Whooper Swan 2 Sutton Place on the Wey Nav TQ020557

We took photos as proof.

15 May Woodcock 1 Winterfold Heath

Also heard Cuckoo, Nightjar and Tawny Owl. thanks Robin for directions to Reynards Hill car park on the heath.

17 May Common Sandpiper 2 Broadwater Lake SU983452
18 May Reed warbler 2 Tices Meadow
18 May Common Cuckoo 1 SU982589: Goldsworth Park, North Meadow Habitat

In oak tree, not seen, but heard making calls approx. 9.30am

19 May Nightingale 1 Redhill Common TQ272497

One bird singing from thick bramble, gorse & broom scrub just south of the view point at 14.50hrs.