Records Committee Decisions

13 September 2023 update

The latest meeting took place on 27 August 2023. The aim was to get through all outstanding 2021 and 2022 records, and thus no 2023 records were assessed. The decisions can be seen in the table below.

Highlights include the 10th county record of Little Bunting, 15th county record of Rosy Starling, two Guillemots, two Wrynecks and a flock of seven Red-breasted Merganser.

The committee plans to have another meeting in early 2024 to complete all records from 2023.

SpeciesFinder(s)Date foundLocationDecision
Arctic SkuaS Gale14 November 2022Epsom DownsAccepted
Arctic Terns (2)S Peters10 May 2022Frensham Great PondAccepted
Caspian GullG Hay24 February 2022Mercers CPAccepted
Cattle EgretW Attridge14 December 2022CapelAccepted
Cattle EgretG Jones1 October 2022Beddington FarmlandsAccepted
Cattle EgretK Duncan8 August 2022Tice’s MeadowAccepted
Glossy IbisM Stanley4 September 2022Gatton Park LakeAccepted
GuillemotG Robin3 September 2022River Thames at Millennium BridgeAccepted
GuillemotR Braddock14 September 2022BanksideAccepted
Hen HarrierJ Snell27 October 2022Hankley CommonAccepted
Hen HarrierE Soden29 March 2022Hankley CommonAccepted
Hen HarrierD Brassington29 October 2022Thursley CommonAccepted
Hen HarrierR Mist13 November 2022Thursley CommonAccepted
Honey BuzzardB Thomas13 September 2022Nore HillAccepted
Iceland GullO Dewhurst17 April 2022London Wetland CentreAccepted
Little BuntingC Northwood30 November 2022Worcester ParkAccepted
Little StintG Hay1 October 2022Holmethorpe SPAccepted
MerlinJ Gates14 November 2022WorplesdonAccepted
QuailI Magness20 June 2022Canons FarmAccepted
QuailS Gale28 June 2022TadworthAccepted
Red-breasted Merganser (7)R Kaye/P Pentek4 November 2022Richmond ParkAccepted
Rock PipitK Feathers9 March 2022Tice’s MeadowAccepted
Rock PipitE Stubbs3 October 2022Thursley CommonAccepted
Rosy StarlingS Dorman7 September 2022DorkingAccepted
Siberian ChiffchaffE Sames15 December 2022Papercourt MarshesAccepted
Siberian ChiffchaffZ Pannifer19 November 2022Beddington SFAccepted
‘Siberian-type’ Lesser WhitethroatL Offer13 November 2022CroydonAccepted
Stone-curlewG Jones/C Owens29 April 2022Beddington FarmlandsAccepted
Water PipitD Carlsson8 April 2022Tice’s MeadowAccepted
White-fronted GooseW Attridge29 March 2022Buckland Park LakeAccepted
WryneckE Sames10 September 2022Chobham CommonAccepted
WryneckE Stubbs24 August 2022Thursley CommonAccepted
Yellow-browed WarblerA Salmon/A Wilkinson5 October 2022London Wetland CentreAccepted
Yellow-browed WarblerD Baker11 October 2022TandridgeAccepted
Red-footed Falcon22 May 2022Chobham CommonMore information requested
Arctic Tern12 August 2022Tice’s MeadowNot proven
Cattle Egret18 October 2022Brockwell ParkNot proven
Honey Buzzard4 May 2022Tice’s MeadowNot proven
Knot8 March 2022EwellNot proven
Mealy Redpoll24 February 2022London Wetland CentreNot proven
Merlin12 October 2022London Wetland CentreNot proven
Rosy Starling17 June 2022WokingNot proven
Water Pipit30 November 2022Papercourt Water MeadowsNot proven
Wood Warbler23 August 2022Wisley CommonNot proven
Wood Warbler7 August 2022Richmond ParkNot proven
White-fronted Goose2 January 2022WestfieldNot proven
Cattle EgretA Cuthew21 October 2021HershamAccepted
Caspian GullG Hay21 December 2021Holmethorpe SPAccepted
Caspian GullD Harris25 November 2021Island Barn ReservoirAccepted
Great Northern DiverD Harris9 December 2021Island Barn ReservoirAccepted
Hen HarrierD & P Boyd21 November 2021Thursley CommonAccepted
Hen HarrierD Smith6 October 2021Thursley CommonAccepted
Hen HarrierD Brassington4 December 2021Thursley CommonAccepted
Hen HarrierM Bravery17 November 2021London Wetland CentreAccepted
Honey BuzzardK Britten15 August 2021ShalfordAccepted
ScaupJ Snell21 November 2021Thorpe ParkAccepted
Snow BuntingG Jones30 October 2021Beddington FarmlandsAccepted
Spotted RedshankO Dewhurst23 October 2021London Wetland CentreAccepted

30 October 2022 update

This year’s meeting took place on 10 September. There were a lot of records for the committee to get through, and the vast majority (64) gained acceptance. It was also decided that Goshawk would be taken off the list of description species in the vice-county.

The decisions can be seen in the table below. Highlights included the second vice-county records of Lesser Yellowlegs and Penduline Tit, the first Icterine Warbler for 35 years, Purple Heron, Spotted Crake, Black-winged Stilt and Pectoral Sandpiper. The accepted BBRC records can be found here and here.

At the time of writing, there are 30 outstanding records from 2022 that will be voted on at the next meeting.

SpeciesFinder(s)Date foundLocationDecision
Black-winged StiltZ Pannifer/A Ramesh3 May 2022Beddington FarmlandsAccepted
Caspian GullM Kettell14 November 2021SlyfieldAccepted
Caspian Gull G Hay21 December 2021Mercers CPAccepted
Caspian GullD Harris21 November 2021Island Barn ReservoirAccepted
Cattle Egret (3)A Cuthew21 October 2021EsherAccepted
Cattle EgretS Barry/J Norris5 October 2021London Wetland CentreAccepted
Cattle EgretD Williams7 July 2022London Wetland CentreAccepted
Cattle EgretK Duncan8 August 2022Tice’s MeadowAccepted
Common CraneJ Gates9 February 2021WorplesdonAccepted
Common CraneZ Pannifer23 March 2021Beddington FarmlandsAccepted
Common RedpollJ Gates5 April 2021Crooksbury CommonAccepted
Corn BuntingC Owens17 September 2021Beddington FarmlandsAccepted
Corn BuntingA Ramesh23 October 2021Beddington FarmlandsAccepted
GannetG Hay22 June 2022Glebe LakeAccepted
Glossy IbisM Phelps11 October 2021Clandon Wood NBRAccepted
Glossy IbisA Salmon5 May 2022London Wetland CentreAccepted
Glossy Ibis (same as above)G Jones/A Ramesh7 May 2022Beddington FarmlandsAccepted
Glossy IbisG Hay/A Kundrotas26 January 2022Holmethorpe SPAccepted
Great Northern DiverD Harris9 December 2021Island Barn ReservoirAccepted
Hen HarrierD Smith6 October 2021Thursley CommonAccepted
Hen HarrierD Brassington4 December 2021Thursley CommonAccepted
Hen HarrierE Stubbs14 November 2021MilfordAccepted
Hen HarrierM Phelps7 October 2021Clandon Wood NBRAccepted
Hen HarrierM Wayland22 March 2022Chobham CommonAccepted
HoopoeL Pryke1 November 2021SurbitonAccepted
Honey BuzzardK Britten15 August 2021ShalfordAccepted
Iceland GullG Hay17 November 2021Holmethorpe SPAccepted
Icterine WarblerW Attridge/P Stevenson3 June 2022Leith HillAccepted
Little StintE Stubbs14 September 2021MilfordAccepted
Little StintC Varndell14 September 2021Tice’s MeadowAccepted
Long-eared OwlF Grant8 January 2022UndisclosedAccepted
Lesser YellowlegsC Turner2 June 2022QE2 ReservoirAccepted
MerlinS Gale17 September 2021MogadorAccepted
MerlinM Phelps23 November 2021Abinger HammerAccepted
Pectoral SandpiperJ Anderson12 September 2021London Wetland CentreAccepted
Penduline TitR Browne/Z Pannifer17 October 2021Beddington FarmlandsAccepted
Purple HeronZ Pannifer5 June 2022Beddington FarmlandsAccepted
Ring-necked Duck (Holmethorpe bird)M Davis/R Morton22 January 2021Bury Hill FisheriesAccepted
Ring-necked Duck (same as above)W Attridge29 January 2021NewdigateAccepted
Ring-necked Duck (same as above)G Hay21 October 2021ReigateAccepted
Sanderling (34)E Stubbs7 August 2021MilfordAccepted
ScaupJ Snell11 November 2021Thorpe ParkAccepted
ScaupD Harris21 November 2021Island Barn ReservoirAccepted
Spotted RedshankO Dewhurst21 October 2021London Wetland CentreAccepted
Spotted Redshank (2)M Elsoffer4 September 2021Tice’s MeadowAccepted
Spotted CrakeN Gardner5 September 2021Beddington FarmlandsAccepted
Snow BuntingG Jones30 October 2021Beddington FarmlandsAccepted
Siberian ChiffchaffA Dutta7 January 2022MitchamAccepted
Siberian ChiffchaffE Stubbs15 December 2020Unstead SFAccepted
Siberian ChiffchaffE Stubbs17 December 2021Cranleigh SFAccepted
SpoonbillZ Pannifer2 October 2021Beddington FarmlandsAccepted
SpoonbillS Kelsey8 October 2021Lammas LandsAccepted
SpoonbillR Perry9 October 2021Holmethorpe SPAccepted
SpoonbillA Wasley11 April 2022Beddington FarmlandsAccepted
SpoonbillR Horton29 May 2022Tice’s MeadowAccepted
White-fronted GooseT Walker14 April 2021Burstow Park FarmAccepted
White-fronted GooseE Stubbs29 December 2021LoseleyAccepted
White-fronted Goose (same as above)M Fincham29 December 2021Unstead SFAccepted
White-fronted GooseM Davis3 January 2022DorkingAccepted
White-fronted GooseE Sames8 December 2021Papercourt Water MeadowsAccepted
White-fronted GooseE Sames10 April 2022Papercourt Water MeadowsAccepted
Wood WarblerM Bravery25 April 2022WimbledonAccepted
WryneckT Edie/A Groves30 August 2021Chobham CommonAccepted
Yellow-browed WarblerR Jolliffe10 October 2021Thursley CommonAccepted
Black Kite18 April 2022West MoleseyNot proven
Cattle Egret2 May 2022Wandsworth CommonNot proven
Common Redpoll (2)26 February 2022NewchapelNot proven
Curlew Sandpiper4 September 2022Tice’s MeadowNot proven
Gannet6 October 2021Little WoodcoteNot proven
Glossy Ibis10 March 2022Molesey HeathNot proven
Hen Harrier17 November 2021London Wetland CentreNot proven
Hen Harrier21 November 2021Thursley CommonNot proven
Hen Harrier10 November 2021Chobham CommonNot proven
Hen Harrier9 December 2021ReigateNot proven
Honey Buzzard5 September 2021Beddington FarmlandsNot proven
Honey Buzzard21 August 2021SandersteadNot proven
Iceland Gull24 March 2022ChessingtonNot proven
Rosy Starling16 June 2022WokingNot proven
Tree Sparrow (2)8 May 2022Beddington FarmlandsNot proven
White-tailed Eagle21 May 2022Mid-HolmwoodNot proven
Whooper Swan (3)25 October 2022ClaremontAccepted as Bewick’s/Whooper
Wood Warbler28 May 2022Ash RangesNot proven
Wryneck5 September 2021Priest HillNot proven
Yellow-browed Warbler17 October 2021Crystal PalaceNot proven
Yellow-browed Warbler9 November 2021Beddington FarmlandsNot proven

10 November 2021 update

This year’s meeting took place on 15 August.  The current line-up consists of myself (Dave Harris), Steve Chastell, Jeremy Gates, Shaun Peters, John Clark, Ed Stubbs and Wes Attridge. Sadly, Wes was unable to attend. A large number of records had already been circulated electronically (see 6 February 2021 update below), but there were still many to trawl through, the vast majority of which gained acceptance.  

The results can be seen in the table below. Highlights included an exceptional influx of White-fronted Geese, the county’s first Alpine Swift since 2005, groups of three Tundra Bean Geese and Roseate Terns and two Hoopoes. Accepted BBRC records included Surrey’s first Bonaparte’s Gull and the Thursley Common Rustic Bunting.

SpeciesFinder(s)Date foundLocationDecision
Alpine SwiftHelena Finden-Brown / Wildlife Aid22 June 2021North CheamAccepted
Great Northern DiverSteve Spooner21 November 2020Island Barn ReservoirAccepted
HoopoeJohn Clark16 May 2021FarnhamAccepted
MerlinJoe Hobden23 September 2020Papercourt Water MeadowsAccepted
MerlinArjun Dutta15 August 2020Little WoodcoteAccepted
MerlinRobin Stride5 October 2020RowlyAccepted
MerlinSteve Gale28 March 2020BansteadAccepted
QuailSophie Dorman26 May 2020DorkingAccepted
Roseate Terns (3)Dave Harris6 June 2021Chelsea & Lambeth ReservoirsAccepted
Tundra Bean Geese (3)Kevin Duncan22 December 2020ThorpeAccepted
White-fronted Geese (45)Mark Davis30 November 2020BetchworthAccepted
White-fronted Geese (19)TJ Forster1 January 2021Millmore Common / Sutton Place / WestfieldAccepted
White-fronted Geese (2)Phil Pentek4 December 2020Richmond ParkAccepted
White-fronted Goose Mark Davis9 March 2021Bury Hill LakesAccepted
White-fronted GoosePhil Pentek17 March 2021Richmond ParkAccepted
White-fronted Geese (3)Ed Stubbs19 December 2020Unstead SF / Unstead Water MeadowsAccepted
White-fronted Geese (2)Dave Brassington12 December 2020Thursley CommonAccepted
White-fronted Geese (11)Joe Hobden12 December 2020Papercourt Water MeadowsAccepted
White-fronted GooseTrevor Walker30 November 2020HorleyAccepted
White-fronted GooseGordon Hay / Ian Kehl5 December 2020Holmethorpe SPAccepted
White-fronted GooseSam Jones1 January 2021Broadwater LakeAccepted
White-fronted GooseEd Stubbs7 January 2021Shalford Water MeadowsAccepted
White-fronted GooseDina Burford13 January 2021Tice’s MeadowAccepted
White-fronted Geese (19)Carey Lodge19 January 2021Papercourt GPAccepted
White-fronted Geese (2)Ed Stubbs24 December 2021Snowdenham Mill PondAccepted
Whooper SwanMark Stanley26 January 2021Banstead WoodsAccepted as wild swan species
Wood WarblerJoe Hobden15 August 2020Effingham ForestAccepted
Wood WarblerJon Bryant18 April 2021Newlands CornerAccepted
Wood WarblerSam Jones25 April 2021Puttenham CommonAccepted
WryneckPhil Pentek10 September 2020Richmond ParkAccepted
Yellow-browed WarblerNick Gardner31 October 2020Beddington FarmlandsAccepted
HoopoeJeremy Gates15 May 2020The SandsAccepted
Common RedpollDon Tyzack6 March 2019East HorsleyAccepted
Great EgretJames Court6 December 2018Frensham Great PondAccepted
Black Kite8 May 2020Richmond ParkNot proven
Hen Harrier2 May 2021Frensham CommonNot proven
Little Bunting5 October 2020Tice’s MeadowNot proven
Olive-backed Pipit29 September 2020Chobham CommonNot proven
Richard’s Pipit13 October 2020Richmond ParkNot proven
Scaup29 November 2020Holmethorpe SPNot proven
Red-footed Falcon28 September 2018ReigateNot proven
Long-eared Owl31 October 2020Tice’s MeadowPending more details
BBRC decisions
Rustic BuntingDave Brassington27 November 2020Thursley CommonAccepted
Bonaparte’s GullDave Harris16 June 2020Queen Elizabeth II ReservoirAccepted

6 February 2021 update

The below batch of records were assessed digitally in early 2021 by each member of the Surrey Bird Club Records Committee (see here). Highlights include the vice-county’s second Short-toed Lark (and first since 1966), the seventh record of Black-winged Stilt, two Little Buntings, Ring-necked Duck, Lapland Bunting, Hoopoe and Arctic Skua.

For those with records still pending, the committee hopes to provide a new batch of decisions soon. Meanwhile, please submit details or photos of any rare birds found as soon as possible after the event, following the guidelines here.

SpeciesFinder(s)Date foundLocationDecision
White-fronted Geese (22)Guy Norman8 December 2020Burpham Water MeadowsAccepted
Whooper Swans (4)Dave Harris27 September 2020Walton Reservoirs (Chelsea and Lambeth)Accepted
Ring-necked DuckGordon Hay15 December 2020Priory Park, ReigateAccepted
Black-winged Stilts (2)Len Winchcombe9 June 2020Tice’s MeadowAccepted
Arctic SkuaPeter Alfrey2 October 2020Beddington FarmlandsAccepted

Kevin Duncan10 October 2020Longside LakeAccepted

Spoonbill (same as above)
James Lowther / Sarah Weingarten10 October 2020London Wetland CentreAccepted
Cattle Egrets (4)Ed Sames5 October 2020Papercourt Water MeadowsAccepted
Honey Buzzards (2)Gerry Hinchon29 July 2019UndisclosedAccepted
Honey BuzzardEd Stubbs9 August 2020Unstead SFAccepted
GoshawkSteve Gale18 September 2020Beddington FarmlandsAccepted
GoshawkPatrick Venables7 November 2020Thursley CommonAccepted
Hen HarrierDave Brassington8 October 2020Thursley CommonAccepted
HoopoeMargo Scott7 May 2020WokingAccepted
WryneckRobin Stride21 September 2020WinterfoldAccepted
MerlinGareth James20 September 2020Lydling Farm, ShacklefordAccepted
Short-toed LarkEd Stubbs19 September 2020Lydling Farm, ShacklefordAccepted
Yellow-browed WarblerGraham Croney5 October 2020Hogsmill Open SpaceAccepted
Yellow-browed WarblerRichard Page-Jones10 October 2020RotherhitheAccepted
Lapland BuntingMatt Phelps12 October 2020Clandon WoodAccepted
Snow BuntingDave Harris28 November 2020Island Barn ReservoirAccepted
Little BuntingEd Stubbs19 October 2020Thursley CommonAccepted
Little BuntingMatt Hall / Graham Robson24 December 2020Thursley CommonAccepted

20 September 2020 update

The Surrey Bird Club Records Committee met on 20th September 2020 in Walton-on-Thames (in accordance with the COVID-19 rules in force on that date). Present were Dave Harris, David Campbell, Steve Chastell, John Clark and Shaun Peters. 

Notable birds included two Bee-eaters, Red-footed Falcon, Roseate Tern, Richard’s and Red-throated Pipits, a Rose-coloured Starling, and perhaps the most amazing of all the first wild White-tailed Eagle in the County since 1906!

All those considered appear in the table below.  An increasing number of submissions these days are backed up by photos, making the task for the committee far more straightforward. Please submit details of any rare birds found as soon as possible after the event, following the guidelines here.

Bee-eaterJohn Birkett31/05/2020SandersteadAccepted
Bee-eaterSteve Gale01/06/2020Howell Hill, EwellAccepted
Black KiteWes Attridge10/04/2019CapelAccepted
Cattle Egret (6)David Warren17/08/2020Beddington SFAccepted
Cattle Egret (2)Kevin Duncan07/07/2020Tice’s MeadowAccepted
Ferruginous DuckJeremy Gates et al11/11/2019Papercourt GPAccepted
GannetEd Stubbs26/03/2019Unstead SFAccepted
Glossy IbisAndy Little17/09/2020Tice’s MeadowAccepted
Golden OrioleP Marshall26/05/2019Thursley CommonAccepted
GoshawkSam Jones08/05/2020Frensham CommonAccepted
Great Grey ShrikeTrevor Synman21/09/2019Chobham CommonAccepted
Great Grey ShrikeTrevor Walker28/10/2019HorleyAccepted
Great Northern DiverDudley Cox01/12/2018Frensham Great PondAccepted
Great SkuaWes Attridge24/09/2018Leith HillAccepted
Great White EgretMartin Kettle01/11/2017Stoke LakeAccepted
Great White EgretMartin Kettle20/10/2018Stoke LakeAccepted
Great White EgretDave Harris 06/05/2019Walton Res (Chelsea/Lambeth)Accepted
Great White EgretSteve Spooner06/01/2019WokingAccepted
Great White EgretJohn Cadera24/08/2020SouthwarkAccepted
Great White EgretZach Pannifer29/08/2020Beddington SFAccepted
Hen HarrierGlenn Jones24/03/2019Beddington SFAccepted
Hen HarrierEd Stubbs19/11/2019Lydling Farm, ShacklefordAccepted
Hen Harrier (ringtail, juv male)Simon Hammond24/07/2020Canon’s FarmAccepted
Honey BuzzardShaun Ferguson01/09/2019Thursley CommonAccepted
Honey BuzzardWes Attridge09/05/2020CapelAccepted
Honey BuzzardShaun Ferguson29/07/2020Canon’s FarmAccepted
HoopoePete Alfrey15/04/2018Beddingon SFAccepted
HoopoeC & S Paine28/04/2020Epsom & Walton DownsAccepted
HoopoeKevin Guest30/04/2020Epsom & Walton DownsAccepted
HoopoeKeith Barton10/05/2020ChobhamAccepted
HoopoeN Allen04/09/2020ReigateAccepted
HoopoeWes Attridge03/05/2020CapelAccepted
Manx ShearwaterD Woodruff12/09/2020WokingAccepted
Ortolan BuntingEd Stubbs01/09/2018Alldens Hill, Thorncombe StreetAccepted
Ortolan BuntingEd Stubbs02/09/2018Alldens Hill, Thorncombe StreetAccepted
Ortolan BuntingEd Stubbs03/09/2018Alldens Hill, Thorncombe StreetAccepted
Ortolan BuntingEd Stubbs25/08/2019Alldens Hill, Thorncombe StreetAccepted
Ortolan BuntingEd Stubbs26/08/2019Alldens Hill, Thorncombe StreetAccepted
Ortolan BuntingArjun Dutta10/09/2020WallingtonAccepted
Pink-footed GooseSteve Chastell09/02/2019Burpham Water MeadowsAccepted
QuailEd Stubbs14/06/2020ShacklefordAccepted
Red-footed FalconJames Sellen18/05/2020Thursley CommonAccepted
Red-throated DiverDave Harris et al18/03/2019QE2 & Island Barn ResAccepted
Red-throated PipitEd Stubbs15/10/2019HascombeAccepted (also Accepted by BBRC)
Richards PipitPete Alfrey et al29/10/2018Beddington SFAccepted
Ring-necked DuckShaun Peters23/03/2019Frensham Great/Little PondsAccepted
Roseate TernDave Harris22/06/2020Queen Elizabeth II ResAccepted
Rose-coloured StarlingChristine Muir31/05/2020HorleyAccepted
ShagA Stotnicki06/09/2020Kingston BridgeAccepted
Siberian ChiffchaffEd Stubbs & Abel Barker04/12/2019Unstead SFAccepted
SpoonbillPete Alfrey16/04/2020Beddington SFAccepted
Spoonbill (2)Roger Browne01/10/2019Beddington SFAccepted
Spoonbill (2)Kevin Duncan22/05/2020Tice’s MeadowAccepted
Spoonbills (4)Dave Warren17/10/2019Beddington SFAccepted
Spotted CrakeKit Britten10/04/2019Shalford Water MeadowsAccepted
Stone CurlewNick Gardner 31/03/2019Beddington SFAccepted
Stone CurlewEd Stubbs04/08/2019Alldens Hill, Thorncombe StreetAccepted
Storm PetrelSteve White25/04/2019Beaver Farm Fishery, LingfieldAccepted
White StorkAlison Gilry31/08/2020Colley HillAccepted
White-tailed EagleIsaiah Rowe14/04/2020Worcester ParkAccepted
Whooper SwanSteve Read02/12/2019Richmond ParkAccepted
WryneckGraham Harris15/09/2019Dungeon Hill, WoodmansternAccepted
WryneckP Pentek06/09/2020Richmond ParkAccepted
WryneckEd Stubbs02/09/2020ShacklefordAccepted
Yellow-browed WarblerRichard Page-Jones18/12/2019RotherhitheAccepted
Not Proven
Bee-eater02/08/2019South Nutfield
Black Kite08/04/2020Warlingham
Black Kite03/05/2020Stoneleigh Broadway, Epsom
Black Kite10/05/2020Addlestone
Cattle Egret (2)09/09/2019Tice’s Meadow
Common Crane19/11/2019Runnymede
Common Crane (2)24/09/2018Tice’s Meadow
Great White Egret04/06/2019Salfords
Little Stint01/08/2020Tice’s Meadow
Rose-coloured Starling18/05/2019Mitcham Common
Spoonbill (2)22/08/2019Beddington SF