Records Committee Decisions

The Surrey Bird Club Records Committee met on 24th March 2019 in Walton-on-Thames. Present were Dave Harris, Eric Soden, David Campbell, Jeff Wheatley, Steve Chastell, Jeremy Gates, John Clark and Shaun Peters.  Notable birds included two County firsts, Penduline Tit and Savi’s Warbler, as well a host of other excellent records.  All those considered appear in the table below.  An increasing number of submissions these days are backed up by photos, making our task far more straightforward. 

Please submit details of any rare birds found as soon as possible after the event, following the guidelines here.

Black-throated DiverDave Carlsson02/02/2019Frimley GPAccepted
Cattle EgretDave Harris02/09/2018QE2 & Walton ReservoirsAccepted
Cattle EgretJan Wilczur23/09/2017LWCAccepted
Cattle EgretJan Wilczur13/04/2017Richmond ParkAccepted
Cattle Egret (2)Mark Elsoffer et al.24/09/2018Tice’s MeadowAccepted
Common RedpollLee Ridley18/02/2019ChobhamAccepted
GannetIsaiah V Rowe23/09/2018Worcester ParkAccepted
GannetDave  Harris & Tony Quinn01/10/2018Island Barn ResAccepted
Gannet (2)Matt Phelps 05/06/2018ClandonAccepted
Glaucous GullGordon Hay19/01/2019Holmethorpe SPsAccepted
Glossy Ibis?18/09/2017LWCAccepted
Glossy IbisRoger Browne28/09/2018Beddington SFAccepted
GoshawkJan Wilczur24/09/2013Richmond ParkAccepted
GoshawkJan Wilczur30/07/2017PutneyAccepted
Great Grey ShrikeThelma Caine30/12/2017Molesey HeathAccepted
Great Skua (4)Matt Phelps et al07/05/2018Leith HillAccepted
Great White EgretNigel Jackman31/08/2018Richmond ParkAccepted
Great White EgretDavid Race06/12/2018Ladymead, GuildfordAccepted
Hen HarrierMalcolm Lawford02/11/2018Walton Res (Chelsea & Lambeth)Accepted
Hen Harrier (female)David C Johnson19/03/2018LWCAccepted
Honey BuzzardJan Wilczur15/09/2017Richmond ParkAccepted
Iceland Gull (2nd/w)David C Johnson19/03/2018LWCAccepted
Manx ShearwaterJoe Tobias08/09/2018TootingAccepted
Manx ShearwaterChris Turner11/09/2017SurbitonAccepted
MerlinBrian Thomas22/03/2016ChelshamAccepted
MerlinPeter Gray28/10/2018London Wetland CentreAccepted
MerlinJan Wilczur & Oscar Dewhurst25/09/2015Richmond ParkAccepted
OrtolanEd Stubbs29/08/2018Thorncombe StreetAccepted
Penduline TitDave Harris24/03/2018Walton Res (Chelsea & Lambeth)Accepted
Red-backed ShrikeJohn Cass27/06/2018Thursley CommonAccepted
Red-throated DiverDave Harris22/03/2018Island Barn ResAccepted
Savi’s WarblerMathew Bradbury03/06/2018LWCAccepted
ShagSteve Chastell et al.29/11/2018Stoke LakeAccepted
Spoonbill (16)Roger Browne et al.28/09/2018Beddington SFAccepted
Spoonbill (19)Roger Browne et al.23/09/2018Beddington SFAccepted
Stone CurlewRoger Browne17/03/2018Beddington SFAccepted
White StorkDarren Spragg14/05/2018West MolesyAccepted
Yellow-browed WarblerAlan Wilkinson et al18/10/2018Tooting Bec CommonAccepted
Yellow-browed WarblerRay Brown16/10/2017BinscombeAccepted
Yellow-browed WarblerDave Harris12/01/2019Molesey Heath/Island Barn ResAccepted
Siberian ChiffchaffSteve Chastell et al.16/01/2019Stoke LakeAccepted
Marsh WarblerMalcolm Lawford, Dave Harris et al07/06/2018Walton Res (Chelsea & Lambeth)Accepted
Siberian ChiffchaffDavid Campbell, Nick Gardener17/01/2017Beddington SFAccepted
Glossy IbisSam Jones29/12/2016BusbridgeAccepted
Long-tailed DuckShaun Peters27/11/2016Frensham Great PondAccepted
Red-footed FalconShaun Peters10/06/2017Frensham CommonAccepted
Little TernShaun Peters27/04/2018Frensham Great PondAccepted
Slavonian GrebeShaun Peters17/11/2018Frensham Great PondAccepted
Whooper Swan (2)Oliver Sackwood, Richard Horton08/11/2016Tice’s Meadow (Accepted as Wild Swan species only)
Not Proven
Arctic Skua   20/04/2018Wimbledon Common
Black Kite23/04/2018Beddington SF
Common Crane29/03/2017Beddington SF
Hen Harrier (male)18/04/2018King’s Wood
Merlin23/12/2017Nutfield Marsh
Montagu’s Harrier07/05/2016Thorncombe Street
Red-footed Falcon18/06/2017Wandsworth Common
Spotted Crake18/09/2017Beddington SF
Stint Sp21/11/2018Tice’s Meadow
White Stork26/06/2018Caterham
Rough-legged Buzzard17/03/2019Beddington SF
Osprey01/04/2018Thorncombe Street