Membership forms

Here is the application form updated in 2021 to take account of the new rates/membership categories which came into force in September 2021. Please see this page for details of the new rates/membership categories.

If you wish to pay by internet banking, please use the bank details provided on the Application Form. Please also ensure that you give your name and postcode as the transaction reference. This is to ensure that the payment can be traced to you.

If you would like to set up a standing order for future payments from 1st April and thereafter that would be even better.  There is an authority form in the application form (to complete and send directly to your bank) if you do not use internet banking. 

If you pay the subscription by internet banking you can e-mail the other information that is needed on the membership form to
.  However we will need:

a) an original signed gift aid form from you, if you are a taxpayer, so that the club can claim the gift aid


b) if one of the new members is under 18, we will need a parent/guardian to sign the application form so that we have permission to store their personal details (in order to comply with GDPR).

If you need any other information before completing the form/e-mailing the membership the information, please do not hesitate to contact the membership secretary, Penny Williams, at or at Bournbrook House, Sandpit Hall Road, Chobham, Surrey , GU24 8HA Tel 01276 857736

If you are an existing member and wish to set up a standing order or amend an existing standing order here is the form that you need.