Other surveys


Surrey has a very important habitat namely lowland heathland. Here there are specialist birds namely nightjar, Dartford Warbler and Woodlark. Surveys are carried out in the spring and summer in order to count these species on the heathlands. Help is needed with the nightjar surveys.

As part of the monitoring of Nightjars on the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area, there will again be co-ordinated surveys of some of the large sites in the spring.  At present the dates are anticipated to be

  • Wednesday May 20th Ash Ranges part 1
  • Wednesday May 27th Chobham part 1
  • Wednesday June 3rd Ash Ranges part 2
  • Friday June 5th Barossa and Poor Common (Camberley) part 1
  • Wednesday June 10th Chobham part 2
  • Wednesday June 17th Ash Ranges reserve
  • Friday June 19th Barossa and Poors Common part 2

The intention is to cover as much of each site as possible during the part 1 survey and to complete coverage and double check some sectors during part 2 of the survey.

Anyone able to help at Ash Ranges and Chobham should contact John Clark at .

Anyone wanting to help at Barossa should contact Ben Habgood

If you have not helped previously and would like to take part, please contact John and/or Ben. No experience of Nightjars is necessary. Observers are organised in pairs or threes so, if you are not too experienced, you will be put with someone who is. Good views of Nightjar are pretty much guaranteed

Carry out an insect survey


BTO have been working with Centre for Ecology and Hydrology and partners on the Pollinator Monitoring Scheme. They have designed two survey methods to provide better information on pollinators. One is a Flower Insect Timed (FIT) Count and can be carried out anywhere (ideally on one of their target flower species), and can be repeated throughout the summer. The second method is more intensive and requires taking on a site for monitoring and sampling. You can read more here: https://www.ceh.ac.uk/our-science/projects/pollinator-monitoring.