Other BTO surveys

The Farm Woodland survey

All surveyors with good bird identification and survey skills (ability to recognise species by sight and sound as well as some previous experience of BTO surveys and/or territory mapping) are asked to get involved with this survey.

The survey webpage (https://www.bto.org/volunteer-surveys/english-farm-woodland-bird-survey) was updated at the beginning of February 2019, providing details of the survey.  The site request map is now live so all sites are available to view and volunteers can start requesting their survey plots, grouped within 1-km squares.   Plots covered in 1999 and sites where access has been confirmed are marked as High Priority, are shown as blue squares on the maps.  There are some high priority squares in Surrey.

The survey itself is being managed centrally by BTO HQ.

Due to GDPR and landowner confidentiality conditions, all site access permission requests will be arranged by the Forestry Commission. 

Four morning visits are required between 15 March 2019 and 15 July 2019, to record all birds in and around the farm wood plot. 

The Tawny Owl Calling Survey

Over 275 squares in Surrey are being covered for this survey which finishes at the end of March 2019. The BTO has over 7500 people contributing data towards the survey.

The survey is extremely simple as all one has to do is open a window at home and listen out for 20 minutes between sunset and midnight to see if any owl is heard calling. You then enter your results online to say whether or not you heard now and what the cloud cover was. As the BTO has said not hearing any owls is just as important as hearing owls. You can also record if you hear an Owl at any other time during the week.