Going Birding Surrey

Anyone can access Going Birding Surrey (GBS) via this link:


By clicking on this link you will gain access to a page showing the sightings reported that day. A simple search menu will provide access to sightings reported on previous days and will enable you to filter sightings by, for example, rarity value. This latter facility is based on a county list showing the status of every species recorded in Surrey, which will also be accessible on GBS.

Below you can see what the Going Birding Surrey page is showing today.

See the instructions below for help on how to filter when you are on the Going Birding website.

Please be aware that because sightings will go straight to the GBS website, records of scarce and unusual species will not have been reviewed by the county records committee, so it is possible that the committee may subsequently conclude that a record is not proven.

Filtering the bird records that you see in Going Birding Surrey

If you only want news of the scarcer birds in the county then set a filter level to one of the options shown below. The news page of Going Birding will then just include that category and all those above it. The further down the list the option you select is, the more records you will see. Scarce or Fairly Common are perhaps the best options to see just the more "interesting" birds (the categorisation of species is of course not an exact science. To check the category for a species you are interested in look in the "Species" section of the website).

Table of Going Birding Surrey Categories:



Very rare

Alpine Swift, Caspian Tern


Spotted Crake, Hoopoe

Very Scarce

Bearded Tit, Iceland Gull


Bar-tailed Godwit, Raven

Fairly Common

Hobby, Wheatear


Linnet, Wigeon

Very Common

Dunnock, Moorhen


Blue Tit, Robin

This filter can be selected temporarily from the news screen by selecting the "Filter by" box at the top of the species list and refreshing the screen. Alternatively, your personal filter can be changed permanently (although you can of course change it again) so you only see selected categories whenever you visit the page. To do this on a PC or tablet select "Account" in the top right-hand corner of the screen. This takes you to your profile page. The third section down is called Preferences and the middle box there is where the Bird news filter is set.

Once you have selected an option press "Save" at the bottom of the page. On a phone the procedure is the same, but the profile page is accessed via the person icon in the top right of the screen.

Redstart, Graham Carey