Other events

The Woking Peregrine project

After the Peregrines started successfully nesting in Woking in 2016, the club had a stand in the town centre on (usually) Saturdays in order to show the public the Peregrines.  Using the http://www.wokingperegrines.com website allowed us to watch the Peregrines using the cameras which are installed both inside the nest box and on the ledges outside. However, by the time we had the stand operating in the town centre, the young birds were often out on the ledges and so visible. It is a great site where you can see the young birds learning to fly (often calling out as they are doing so!).  As Covid is still an issue the club will not be having stands in the town centre on a regular basis in 2022. However, if you are in JWoking this spring do look out for the Peregrines as they are still around.

Jubilee square gives a good view of the nest box and the building where the birds roost.

Tice’s Meadow Bioblitz Saturday 2nd July 2022

The Bioblitz is being held later this year. As usual, the club will have a stand at this event. There are both daytime and evening walks. Ringing (as long as the weather is suitable) also takes place for most of the event so it gives a good opportunity to see birds close-up and learn more about their distinguishing identifying features. Go to the Tice’s Meadow website in order to get more details  http://www.ticesmeadow.org about the site.