Woking Peregrines

Woking Peregrine chick, 15/05/2019, (Craig Denford)

The five chicks are still doing well and were colour-ringed yesterday. Join us in Woking’s Jubilee Square on Saturday (18th May) between 10 am and 4 pm where we hope to see both parents flying in with food. We will have a telescope looking at the ledge outside the nest area, as well as an iPad so that you can see what is happening inside the nest too. In the meantime, you can see what is happening now.

Photo: Woking Peregrine chick, Craig Denford 15/05/2019

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Photo: Wood Warbler, Dave Carlsson

May 2019

Friday 31 May

London Wetland Centre: Ringed Plover (WWT).

Tice’s Meadow: Curlew (TMBG).

Thursday 30 May

London Wetland Centre: Yellow Wagtail (WWT).

Wednesday 29 May

Esher: Crane or stork species flew southwest (B Waller).

Tuesday 28 May

Beddington Farmlands: 174 Carrion Crows (BFBG).

Monday 27 May

Thursley Common: no sign of Golden Oriole.

Tice’s Meadow: Oystercatcher (M Elsoffer).

Sunday 26 May

Thursley Common: male Golden Oriole singing in woodland adjacent to Parish Field for c.20 minutes mid-morning though no further sign in afternoon (P Marshall).

Tice’s Meadow: Ringed Plover and two … Read more