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Where to Watch Birds in Surrey and Sussex

The new and updated Where to Watch Birds in Surrey and Sussex book, out in early 2024, is available for pre-order here. Surrey Bird Club members are entitled to a special 30% off that applies to pre-orders. This discount can be obtained by entering the code SURREYBIRDS30.

Steve Chastell

Steve Chastell

( 1964 – 2023)

We were shocked and saddened to learn of the death of Steve Chastell last week, at the age of only 59. Steve was our county bird recorder, former chair of Surrey Bird Club, and a well-known figure to many in the worlds of birding and nature, both in Surrey and beyond.

Steve was a dedicated local patch watcher, spending many hours in the field, usually on his bike. The Stoke area was his main focus, along with other sites in the Guildford area. He was also an experienced ringer, ringing with the group at Queen Mary … Read more

December 2023

Sunday 31st

Waxwings, Balham (J Reeves).
Waxwings, Balham (J Reeves).

Balham: 13 Waxwings on Calbourne Road (BirdGuides).

Blackheath: 2 Crossbills (J Brown).

Chantries: Waxwing flock (BirdGuides).

East Horsley: 6 Waxwings at Kingston Avenue (BirdGuides).

Egham: 4 Waxwings briefly (BirdGuides).

Farnham: 40+ Waxwings at Badger Court/Haven Way (BirdGuides).

Waxwings, East Horsley (D Robinson).
Waxwings, East Horsley (D Robinson).

Kingston upon Thames: 2 (adult and 1st winter) Caspian Gulls and adult Yellow-legged Gull at recycling centre/waste transfer station (BirdGuides).

London Wetland Centre: 3 Pintail on Reservoir Lagoon and female Goldeneye and 2 Shelduck on Main Lake (A Salmon/A Wilkinson).

Westminster: 1st-winter Caspian Read more