Changes to rarity list

From 1/1/2022

Changes have been made to the list of species deemed vice-county rarities, outlined below. For the species added to the list, a full description is now required (written, photos and / or sound recording). These new additions are:

  • Ruddy Duck
  • Smew
  • Arctic Tern (outer Surrey only)
  • Long-eared Owl
  • Rock Pipit (outer Surrey only)
  • Water Pipit (away from Beddington Farmlands and the London Wetland Centre)

Meanwhile, Short-eared Owl no longer requires a full description in outer Surrey.

The changes are relevant as from 1 January 2022. You can download a rarity description form here. The latest batch of rarity record decisions (updated 10 November 2021) can be viewed here.