Rare Birds of Hampshire


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Rare Birds of Hampshire, written by former Hampshire County Recorder, John M Clark, is a fascinating review of the occurrences of over 200 rare and scarce species in the county from the 1700s to the present day.

The book, approximately 500 pages, includes:
A Brief History of Rare Bird Recording in Hampshire.
A detailed systematic list including many previously unpublished accounts of the discovery of rarities and an analysis of the occurrences of all but the rarest species.
An unrivalled collection of photos of Hampshire rarities.
A unique series of paintings and sketches by Dan Powell.
Appendices listing escapes, ‘the ones that got away’, ship-assisted birds, historic records from parts of Hampshire now in Dorset and non-proven records.

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(Photo: Wryneck from Rare Birds of Hampshire by John M Clark)