Tice’s Meadow under threat

Thanks to the hard work of the Tice’s Meadow Bird Group (TMBG) and other local organisations, Tice’s Meadow is now one of the premier birding sites in Surrey. 

All that hard work could be undone following a decision by Hansons, the gravel extraction company, to sell the site.  Although Tice’s has to be maintained as a nature reserve for a fixed period, there is no stipulation about how the site should be managed.  Hansons have told TMBG that they will make no test of the new owner’s suitability for managing a nature reserve, the new owner will be under no obligation to allow TMBG access to the site, and all the infrastructure (to which Surrey Bird Club has contributed) could be removed. 

This is all explained in more detail in an open letter, which the Club chairman and our county recorder signed. A petition has been launched.  If you haven’t signed it already, please do so now and help preserve Tice’s Meadow as a flourishing reserve for all to enjoy.